Who is Detroit rapper Paid Will and what reportedly happened to him?


DETROIT rapper Paid Will from the group BandGang has reportedly been shot.

Fans fear the musician, who has been a part of the group for over 10 years, may be dead.

Paid Will was popular in the Detroit rap scene


Paid Will was popular in the Detroit rap sceneCredit: Instagram

Who was Paid Will from BandGang?

Paid Will is a 27-year-old rapper from Detroit who is a part of the rap collective BandGang.

Rumors circulated that Paid Will had died on Twitter


Rumors circulated that Paid Will had died on TwitterCredit: Instagram

The group formed in 2008 and and are widely known for albums such as Untouchable, The Family, and WDW 2.

BandGang is made up of Paid Will, Masoe, Lonnie Bands, AJ, Javar, and Biggs.

He was reported dead on Tuesday, December 1, after a tweet from SayCheeseTv went viral: “Popular Detroit rapper ‘Bandgang Paid Will’ has reportedly passed away. RIP.”


Credit: Instagram

Another music page HipHopTies posted the same news, writing “Detroit rapper Bandgang Paid Will has reportedly passed away. Prayers going out to his family and friends at this time. RIP Paid Will.”

Will’s bandmate, Bandgang Masoe, tweeted on Monday evening: “I’m so sorry lil bro!! I’m yo big brotha I’m supposed to have yo back” with a chain of broken heart emojis.

The rapper then appeared to confirm Will’s death, commenting “I’m so sorry lil bro,” again with broken heart emojis, on a tweet that read “Popular Detroit rapper “Bandgang Paid Will” has reportedly passed away. RIP” alongside a photograph of the artist.

How did he allegedly die?

Although his cause of his death has not been officially confirmed, BandGang’s Paid Will reportedly died, according to Inquisitr.

The artist was reportedly shot


The artist was reportedly shotCredit: YouTube

Reports of his death come months after it was revealed that his fellow BandGang member Jizzle P had also died.

What did people say on social media about his reported death?

Fans outpoured with grief on Twitter upon learning of Paid Will’s unconfirmed death.

“RIP Paid Will,” one user penned.

“My generation grew up on BandGang all through HS this s*** crazy. Paid Will was my favorite too that s*** f***** up fr Rip Paid Will,” one tweet read.


Credit: Instagram

“Rest In Peace Paid Will, he was like 17 when I met him bought his bag early,” one said.

“Rest Easy Paid Will & Jizzle P, two legends the city lost this year, in less than a month. Detroit knows how much of an impact they had and more. Everyone be safe & prayers to Bandgang & Shredgang,” another posted.


Credit: Instagram

“RIP PAID WILL MAN THIS S*** CRAZY MAN,” a fan wrote with a crying emoji.

View more information: https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/1890453/detroit-rapper-paid-will-bandgang-death/

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