Who is Ade Edmonson and what’s his net worth?

ADE Edmondson is a British comedian, best know for his work with the late Rik Mayall.

The hapless comic had to be rescued by fire crews recently after getting trapped on a window ledge, when his cleaning attempts seemingly went wrong.

(L-R) The late Rik Mayall with his long time friend Ade Edmondson


(L-R) The late Rik Mayall with his long time friend Ade EdmondsonCredit: BBC

Who is Ade Edmondson?

Adrian- Ade- Edmondson was born on January 24, 1957 in Bradford, Yorkshire.

The 64-year-old is an English comedian, actor, musician and television presenter.

As a major contributor to the alternative comedy boom in the early 1980’s, Edmondson had roles in the television series The Young Ones, (spanning from 1982-1984) & Bottom (1991-1995), a comedy show he wrote alongside his long-time friend Rik Mayall.

During his childhood, Edmondson lived with his family in a number of different locations, including Cyprus, Bahrain, and Uganda, where his father worked as a teacher in the armed forces.

From 1968, the comedian attended Pocklington school, an old fashioned, all-boys grammar school which he branded “hell”.

Edmondson has been married to comedienne Jennifer Saunders since 1985


Edmondson has been married to comedienne Jennifer Saunders since 1985Credit: Rex Features

“What didn’t I like? The usual stuff. There were the endless rules distributed in a booklet each year to every pupil – all of which my mates and I made it a personal challenge to break.”

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The star reported receiving a total of 66 cane strokes during his time at the strict grammar school, leading him to rebel as he grew older.

By the time Edmondson was in Sixth form he was engaging in “lots of drinking and smoking and petty acts of vandalism,” but he found his real passion was studying drama.

Edmondson went to the University of Manchester to study drama, where he met his future comedy partner and best friend Rik Mayall, and graduated with a 2:1 degree.

On 11 May 1985, Ade married fellow comedian Jennifer Saunders after they met on the set of Channel 4 show Comic Strip Presents…

They now have three daughters together Ella, 33, Beattie, 32, and Freya, 28, as well as four grandchildren.

What’s his net worth?

The star has an estimated net worth of £16 million.

He also owns a five-acre property in Devon, valued at £1 million.

The comedian starred in The Young Ones alongside Nigel Planer


The comedian starred in The Young Ones alongside Nigel PlanerCredit: Alamy

What TV and comedy shows has he starred in?

Ade Edmondson’s television appearances include Blackadder goes Forth, Teenage Kicks, and Jonathan Creek; where he played the role of Brendan Baxter.

Best known for his work in the early ’80s as Eddie Hitler in Bottom, Edmondson has also starred in Holby City and in 2016’s tv drama War & Peace.

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The comedian also played Captain Peavey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the star’s biggest film role to date.

As a passionate cook, Ade won Celebrity Masterchef in 2013 and made the final of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen in 2009.

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