When to Call a Credit Card Reconsideration Line


Been denied a credit card? Calling a reconsideration line can give you a second chance at approval.

When you’ve got your heart set on a particular credit card’s rewards or special perks, it can be disappointing if your application is denied.

The good news is that you don’t have to just accept a denial and give up on getting your perfect credit card. You can call a credit card reconsideration line after you’re rejected and ask the card issuer to give your application a second look. 

Although there’s no guarantee that calling a credit card reconsideration line will always result in approval the second time around, you can often address any problems the card issuer had with your application and sometimes even convince the issuer that you should be approved for the card after all. 

If you’re not sure whether you should call a credit card reconsideration line, here are the key things that you need to know.

What is a credit card reconsideration line?

A credit card reconsideration line is a special phone number you can call to speak with customer service after your application for a credit card has been rejected. 

Some credit card issuers have dedicated reconsideration lines that you can call. They’ll let you talk with a specialist who may be able to override the rejection of your application after you provide more details.

Card issuers don’t always make their reconsideration line phone numbers easy to find. Online credit card forums can be a good place to find out if your issuer has a dedicated reconsideration line. If they do, another forum user has probably posted it. (You can always run a search for “[your credit card issuer] reconsideration line,” too.)

Even if the card issuer doesn’t have a specific reconsideration line, you can still call and ask them to reconsider the status of your denied application. Call the standard customer support telephone number and ask the customer service representative about the process of getting a card issuer to take a closer look at your application and reconsider your denial. 

When should you call a credit card reconsideration line?

You can call a credit card reconsideration line anytime you’re rejected for a credit card — although you’re likely to be most successful if you can explain why you want the card you applied for and put the card issuer’s mind at ease about any red flags that resulted in the denial.

Act quickly after you’re denied a credit card rather than waiting. In most cases, you have about 30 days during which the card issuer will review the initial application that you submitted and potentially reverse the denial of the application.

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Once the time for requesting reconsideration has passed, you have no choice but to apply for the credit card again if you still wanted it. Applying a second time for a credit card would result in another inquiry on your credit report, though, and too many inquiries can hurt your credit score. Inquiries stay on your report for up to two years, affecting your credit the entire time.

Preparing to call a credit card reconsideration line

When you call a credit card reconsideration line, be prepared with some basic documents that will help you have an informed discussion with the customer service representative about why you were denied.

To start, have a copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. If you have a copy of your report, you can spot any black marks or red flags that may have caused the issuer to deny you. You can explain those problems that might have led to your rejection. 

If you were denied credit because of something in your credit history, you should have received an adverse action letter. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires this when card issuers deny you credit based on information in your credit report. You should have this letter available to you as well. 

Some card issuers send letters explaining why you were denied even if the problem doesn’t relate to your credit history, but they aren’t required to if the problem wasn’t related to your credit — so you may not have received a letter if there was another issue. 

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You may also want to have details about your income as well as statements from other credit cards you have with the same issuer.  

Finally, you should be prepared to explain why you want the particular credit card you applied for — especially if you already have multiple credit cards and are afraid you were denied because the card issuer doesn’t think you’ll use the card often enough. You should review the card’s features and benefits so you can explain why getting it is important to you.

Now you know when to call a credit card reconsideration line

It’s often worth calling a credit card reconsideration line if you’re disappointed about getting rejected for a credit card. By discussing your credit history, income, or other financial factors with the card company, you may be able to convince them that you should be approved for the card after all. 

Of course, there are no guarantees that calling a credit card reconsideration line will lead to approval. If you’re still denied, there are plenty of other great rewards cards out there that will hopefully approve you and offer similar perks. You just need to compare card offers and look for a card that will both approve you and provide the benefits you’re looking for in a card.

View more information: https://www.fool.com/the-ascent/credit-cards/articles/when-to-call-a-credit-card-reconsideration-line/

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