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FARRAH Abraham’s baby’s father was killed in a car accident 12 years ago.

Derek Underwood lost his life in a motor vehicle accident in 2008.

 Farrah Abraham and Derek Underwood


Farrah Abraham and Derek UnderwoodCredit: Instagram

The couple had one child together, a daughter named Sophia.

Who is Farrah Abraham’s baby daddy?

Farrah Abhram’s baby’s father was named Derek Underwood.

He was from Council Bluffs, Iowa, and was only 18-years-old when he passed away.

According to his obituary, he was born in Missouri but moved to Iowa at a young age.

Derek graduated from Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson High School the year that he died.

 Derek Underwood passed away in 2008


Derek Underwood passed away in 2008Credit: Instagram

He was working as a waiter/server at Rick’s Boatyard, a restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska before his death.

Derek is hardly mentioned in Farrah’s season of 16 & Pregnant.

At one point in the series, Farrah’s mother instructs her to cut off contact from Derek by blocking his number.

Not long after Farrah distanced herself from Derek, he died in an accident.

How did he die?

Derek died in a car accident in 2008, one month before their daughter Sophia was born.

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On December 28 of that year, he allegedly lost control of his car while he was driving.

It skidded and flipped over onto a power pole, killing Derek and fellow passenger Zachary Mendoza.

At the time, Derek’s sister Kassy told KETV in Omaha that “he would always cook for us, and all his friends, whenever they came to the house, he loved to cook, he was going to go to culinary school,”

His other sister Alissa followed that sentiment, saying that Derek “definitely lived on the edge, but he was responsible, he went to work, came home.”

How many kids do they have together?

Farrah and Derek only had one child together, a daughter named Sophia Abraham.

 Sophia is now 11-years-old


Sophia is now 11-years-oldCredit: MTV

She was born in 2009.

Sophia is frequently featured on her mother’s social media and has amassed her own Instagram following of 602,000 followers.

Why did Farrah receive backlash recently?

Teen Mom fans were up in arms after Farrah Abraham had her daughter, Sophia, wear a face mask with a sexual message.

The Teen Mom OG member recently launched a line of face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 28-year-old mom of one took to Instagram on Sunday to promote her new line of personal protective gear.

The promotional video showed Farrah and her 11-year-old daughter wearing the different models.

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Alongside the video, she wrote: “… it’s like my burka … it’s like my freedom of expression… it’s like my religion … it’s my life line …. it’s like #takeyobestie to get a mask now because friends don’t let friends, family, coworkers & strangers die.

“The Farrah masks are here, Amazon. Link in bio & Amazon.com.”

Most designs seemed appropriate for the pre-teen to wear, except for one.

 Farrah recently started her own face mask line


Farrah recently started her own face mask lineCredit: Refer to Caption

In one of the clips, the former porn star can be seen wearing a black face mask which had a rooster drawn on it with the word “block” underneath – alluding to the sexual innuendo.

Her daughter also peeked behind her in the video, wearing the same face mask.

This isn’t the first time Farrah has faced backlash for exposing her daughter to inappropriate items.

Fans are begging for someone to “take” Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia, 11, away from her after she appears to hit her with a vibrator in another TikTok video.

The 29-year-old reality star uploaded a strange clip of her hitting her child with various items on social media last month.

 A screengrab of the clip where Farrah knocks daughter Sophia with a vibrator


A screengrab of the clip where Farrah knocks daughter Sophia with a vibratorCredit: TikTok

The Teen Mom and her daughter are sitting up front in the car when Farrah smacks her purse in Sophia’s face.

She follows it up by abruptly sticking their puppy in her face, then seemingly her vibrator, something they have to mail, a box of breadsticks and then an individual breadstick.

One Reddit user asked sarcastically: “Didn’t your mom hit you with a vibrator and have you film her butt injections too?”

Another wrote: “God someone please take this child away from this woman.

“Can you imagine how f***ed up sophia’s going to be when it comes to sexuality and even just her own self image?”

Is Farrah dating anyone now?

The Sun broke Farrah, 28, was dating pilot and Morgan Stanley strategist Daniel Ishag after the two vacationed in Mexico together for his birthday in February.

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At the time of the vacation, a source close to Farrah told The Sun they have been “dating for months.”

Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielsen, revealed the relationship was over exactly one month after the former couple went Instagram official.

Debra, who has appeared on Teen Mom OG, told The Sun that her daughter ended the romance because he was “immature.”

She revealed: “It is not a relevant relationship anymore.

“It was too much about him. He was immature. She ended it perfectly. Block and delete!”

What does Farrah do for a living?

Farrah Abraham is one of the richest Teen Mom starlets.

She is an entrepreneur, brand ambassador, model, and adult actress.

Farrah is reportedly worth between $3-4million.

She built her success off of the back of her appearances on reality shows like Teen Mom, Couples Therapy, and Single AF.

View more information: https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/1100268/farrah-abraham-derek-underwood-teen-mom-accident/

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