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TIKTOK star Addison Rae has broken her recent days-long absence from social media and apologized for sharing an “All Lives Matter” post.

Addison’s apology comes after death and pregnancy rumors and her Black Lives Matter scandal.

 Addison's apology comes after death and pregnancy rumors and her Black Lives Matter scandal


Addison’s apology comes after death and pregnancy rumors and her Black Lives Matter scandalCredit: Getty Images – Getty
 Addison, right, has been part of the TikTok collaborative group The Hype House since 2019


Addison, right, has been part of the TikTok collaborative group The Hype House since 2019Credit: TikTok

Rumors began circulating after Addison had been silent on social media for the past week – which is strange for the second most followed person on TikTok.

Addison had not posted new content or had any social media activity since June 28.

Who is TikTok star Addison Rae?

Addison Rae Easterling, 19, is the second most followed influencer on TikTok and makes an estimated $35,000 for every post.

She is a TikTok celebrity from Louisiana.

She got her start in life as a dancer in competitions across the country.

She joined the app in 2019 and began uploading dance videos to popular songs.

Addison has been part of the TikTok collaborative group The Hype House since 2019, alongside other app users.

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Addison blew up on the app after she posted videos of her dancing with her mom, Sheri.

Why is she famous?

She obtained so many views on TikTok that she was eventually signed to talent agency, WME.

“When I first downloaded TikTok, it was kind of as a joke,” she told ET.

She saw a lot of the middle-schoolers she babysat using the app and decided to try it for herself.

“I actually downloaded the app in July, made a post with a friend, and literally out of nowhere it got … 93,000 likes, and I was like woah. I like this!” she added.

Addison’s mom has her own TikTok account with over 7.7 million followers.

Her dad, Monty Lopez, has over 2.5 million followers on TikTok.

 Fans had speculated that Addison has drowned


Fans had speculated that Addison has drownedCredit: Instagram
 Addison danced with her mom in a TikTok video


Addison danced with her mom in a TikTok videoCredit: Tik Tok

What were all the rumors about her recently?

Despite no reports confirming that Addison had been admitted into a hospital, fans speculated that Addison Rae may have drowned.

Addison has also been called out for not speaking up about what some deem to be problematic – or potentially racist – posts from her past.

One of the posts in question includes a video where the star appears to be “blackfishing” or using makeup in order to present herself as Black.

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The term, also known as “blackfishing,” is a trend in which people alter their appearance in order to present themselves as black.

“Blackfishing” can also be when a person changes their hair texture and tans their skin darker than what it is – wanting to capitalize on desirable Black features, but ignoring the struggles Black women face.

Another is a video where Addison appears to read a comment that includes the N-word (though the star can’t actually be heard saying the racial slur), and an “All Lives Matter” video the star shared to Twitter a few years ago.


Credit: Twitter


Credit: Twitter


Credit: Twitter

She has been accused of calling the Black Lives Matter movement a “cult” and for trying to get a fellow TikTok star, Kio Cyr to “say the N-word” on video.

In recent weeks, as the call for racial justice in the United States has come into the national spotlight, Addison has expressed her utmost support for the BLM movement.

However, as these past posts emerged, her fans are questioning whether she really supports racial equality like she claims she does.

Fans also spreads rumors that Addison may be pregnant or might have committed suicide as a result of the accusations against her.

However, 20-year-old Bryce Hall – who is also a part of the Hype House with 10.1million TikTok followers – shut down rumors that Addison is pregnant.

Rumors have also swirled that Bryce and Addison may have been an item.

What did she say in her apology?

“I owe all of you an apology,” Addison Rae wrote in a lengthy Twitter post on Wednesday evening.

“Four years ago, I reposted a video which included a woman sharing her thoughts on Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter that I should not have.”

The TikTok star added: “Because of my privilege, I didn’t understand and wasn’t educated enough on the social injustices facing the Black community.

“All lives CANNOT matter until Black lives do. The Black community was and continues to be oppressed and damaged by systemic racism.”


Credit: Twitter


Credit: Twitter

Her statement, which was pictured in two screen shots of text, continued: “I see my mistakes and am committed to learning from them.

“I will never stop growing, learning, and fighting for those whose voices rightfully need to be amplified, and will forever believe that Black Lives Matter.

“I am truly sorry and I am committed to using the platform you all have given me to work on becoming a better ally.”

Addison then signed the post off with her name.

Addison’s fame took off over the past year since she joined the Chinese video and music-based social media app TikTok.

Since she joined the app 12 months ago, she has become one of the most successful online creators with a following of more than 49 million TikTok users.

TikTok star Addison Rae dances with her mom for her millions of followers

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