What star sign is the Bachelorette contestant?

BACHELORETTE contestant Greg Grippo was born on June 5, making him a Gemini. 

Geminis are curious but flexible, changeable, and easy to adapt. But they can also be impressionable and restless. Will this Gemini manage to win Katie Thurston over?

Greg's sign is clever and adaptable


Greg’s sign is clever and adaptable

What is Greg’s birthday?

Greg was born on June 5, 1993, making him a Gemini. 

His ABC official bio lists him as 27, but he just had a birthday, making him 28 years old now. 

Gemini have a strong urge for self-expression and are often clever and witty — they enjoy intellectually stimulating conversations. 

Greg's Sun sign is Gemini and Moon sign is Sagittarius


Greg’s Sun sign is Gemini and Moon sign is SagittariusCredit: Instagram/Greg Grippo

What is his full Birth Chart breakdown?

  • Sun –  Gemini ♊︎
  • Moon – Sagittarius ♐︎
  • Mercury – Cancer ♋
  • Venus – Aries ♈︎
  • Mars – Leo ♌︎
  • Jupiter – Libra ♎︎
  • Saturn – Pisces ♓
  • Uranus – Capricorn ♑︎
  • Neptune – Capricorn ♑︎
  • Pluto – Scorpio ♏︎
  • Lilith – Pisces ♓
  • N Node –  Sagittarius ♐︎

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Gemini are friends with lots of people and tend to be observant, witty people


Gemini are friends with lots of people and tend to be observant, witty peopleCredit: Instagram/Greg Grippo

What does his Sun sign mean?

Those with Sun in Gemini have an ability to adapt quickly to new situations which can lead to them having plenty of friends and social contacts. They are easily bored if they are not getting enough mental stimulation.

Geminis can easily adopt the moods of people around them, and are friends with all sorts of people. They are also not easily intimidated. 

Geminis are very objective and observant, but can be a little difficult to get close to — not great news when you’re on the Bachelorette!

It can be difficult to know what Gemini really feels at any given moment, and they can be a little scattered. They sometimes seem flighty, moving quickly and keeping busy.

One drawback for those with Sun in Gemini is their relatively short attention spans. They’re often smart with lots of knowledge, but not specialized knowledge. Restlessness is very common with this position of the Sun.

Those with their Moon sign in Sagittarius are idealistic free spirits


Those with their Moon sign in Sagittarius are idealistic free spiritsCredit: Instagram/Greg Grippo

What does his Moon sign mean?

People with a Moon in Sagittarius are often optimistic, positive people. They can also be idealistic. 

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They can also be free spirits that like new experiences and change. They like variety and making quick changes, which is not unlike the Gemini Sun sign’s need for change and keeping busy. 

However, they’re also known for being reliable and caring, which is not a bad trait for someone looking for love. 

People with a Moon sign of Sagittarius are curious and love to learn, and appreciate their freedom. They don’t like too much routine for too long.

Katie gives out her first impression rose to Greg Grippo on The Bachelorette

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