What is the photo of Nicki Minaj wearing Crocs?

NICKI Minaj has broken the internet with her skimpy Crocs photoshoot.

People seem to either love or hate the foam clogs and Nicki seems to love them.



NINTCHDBPICT000652586587Credit: Nicki Minaj /Instagram

What is the photo of Nicki Minaj wearing Crocs?

Nicki is the latest celebrity to collaborate with the shoe company.

She announced the line with a jaw-dropping Instagram post captioned “FRIDAY.”

The rapper posed covering herself with only two pink heart-shaped pillows while she wore nothing but a pair of hot pink Crocs

Her shoes were covered in bedazzled Jibbitz, with Chanel’s iconic double-C logo while the star was surrounded by even more pink, Chanel, and sparkles.

Although it has not been confirmed, fans believe that the post is hinting at a release of a new line of Crocs collaborating with Nicki being released this weekend.



NINTCHDBPICT000652586578Credit: Nicki Minaj /Instagram

How have fans reacted to Nicki Minaj’s photo?

Without an official release of a Crocs line, Nicki already has fans flocking to the Crocs store.

Nicki’s Instagram post has reportedly caused a 4,900% spike in sales of pink Crocs, according to The Sole Supplier.

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The spike in sales was so drastic that the retailer’s website crashed.

Even before Nicki broke the internet, Crocs have been having a great year.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, stocks have soared and the company has been pulling in record amounts of revenue.

What other celebrities have collaborated with Crocs?

Crocs has partnered with brands and celebrities for years for special limited edition collections.

The shoe line is currently offering limited-edition collections with celebrities including Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Luke Combs, Bad Bunny, Ruby Rose, Takashi Murakami, and Drew Barrymore.

Even without official partnerships celebrities have been rocking the foam clogs.

Questlove wore a pair of gold Crocs to the 2021 Oscars, Blake Shelton posted a picture of Gwen Stefani sporting a pair of camo crocs, and Miley Cyrus has been caught by the paparazzi walking down the street in pair or multicolored Crocs.

But not all the stars are fans of the shoes, Victoria Beckham said that she would “rather die” than wear a pair of Justin Bieber Crocs that she was sent.

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