What is Stephen A Smith’s net worth and is he married?


ESPN’s Stephen Smith has enjoyed an incredible career so far.

The sports commentator may have racked up a fortune during his life, but fans often wonder if he is married.

Stephen A Smith is famous sports commentator


Stephen A Smith is famous sports commentator

Who is Stephen A Smith?

Smith is a sports commentator for First Take on ESPN alongside Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim.

He also serves as an analyst on SportsCenter and NBA Countdown.

Smith has his own radio show on ESPN and is also a featured columnist for ESPNNY.com, ESPN.com, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

He started his television career on the now-defunct cable network CNN/SI in 1999.

Smith revealed he was once engaged but it was unclear to who


Smith revealed he was once engaged but it was unclear to whoCredit: Getty

What is Stephen A Smith’s net worth?

Smith is worth approximately $16million.

His salary at ESPN was $5million up until 2019, when he resigned a new deal for $8million, making him the highest-paid personality on the network at the time.

Is Stephen A Smith married?

Stephen is not believed to be married.

He was once engaged, though it is unclear to who.

In an interview with GQ, Smith barely addressed the subject as to why he never went through with the wedding plans, saying: “It didn’t work out. Matter of fact, I just told my sister that the other day: none of your business.

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“Something about my job and my money. I said this is not a discussion. You’ll get an answer if I want to give you an answer.”

Smith did disclose that he does have two daughters, both 11 and 12 years old, though it is unclear who their mother is.

The family reportedly resides in North Jersey.

View more information: https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/2616548/is-stephen-a-smith-married/

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