What is Donald Trump’s weight and height?

DONALD Trump sparked concerns about his weight and overall health after he was diagnosed with coronavirus in 2020.

Trump has since appeared to lose weight, with some even asking if a newly released photo of the former president is fake.


President Donald Trump sparked concerns about his health and weight following his positive Covid-19 testCredit: Getty Images – Getty
But he has since appeared to lose weight


But he has since appeared to lose weight

How much does Trump weigh?

Donald Trump weighed 244 pounds according to the results of a physical performed in June 2020.

The president is 6-foot-3 inches tall.

This means the president is considered clinically obese and has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30.3.

Trump’s results came days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted that he’s morbidly obese.

Dr Sean Conley, the president’s physician, deemed Trump to be in good health and said he showed little change in basic health measurements within the last 16 months.

Dr Sean Conley, Trump's physician, released the results of his physical on June 3, 2020


Dr Sean Conley, Trump’s physician, released the results of his physical on June 3, 2020
Trump's doctor concluded that the president 'remains healthy'


Trump’s doctor concluded that the president ‘remains healthy’

The only changes were him gaining a pound and lowered cholesterol levels.

“The data indicates the President remains healthy,” Conley concluded.

The president himself has stressed he has no underlying health conditions.

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But in February 2018, White House medical records suggested that Mr Trump has a common form of heart disease.

The only changes in Trump's health were him gaining a pound and lowering his cholesterol levels, Conley said


The only changes in Trump’s health were him gaining a pound and lowering his cholesterol levels, Conley saidCredit: AP

When did Trump have Covid?

Trump revealed on Twitter that he tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, October 2.

The president said that he and the first lady entered quarantine “immediately” after receiving their diagnoses.

Trump vowed: “We will get through this TOGETHER!”

In February 2021 Dr Fauci said he was surprised Trump survived Covid-19 due to his weight and height.

Recent reports have revealed that Trump had infiltrates on his lungs, and officials believed he would need ventilating before he was admitted to hospital.

“He could have gotten into serious trouble. I think he was quite fortunate”.

What is Donald Trump’s height?

The president stands at 6-foot, 3-inches tall.

That’s according to his physical results released over the summer of 2020.

Has Donald Trump lost weight?

A new photo seems to suggest the former president has lost weight.

Trump had lost about 15 pounds as of April in part due to a healthier diet and frequent golfing, Business Insider reported.

The change is so apparent that a photo of Trump with Pennsylvania candidate Sean Parnell has some questioning whether or not it’s even real.

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Parnell tweeted a photo of himself with the former president and wrote, “It’s time to Win Pennsylvania and Save America! Let’s roll.”

“This photo is fake as Hell lol,” wrote @danpittsburgh in a reply to the September 1 tweet by Parnell. 

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