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Top perks

Multiple loan programs for different types of borrowers

Well-qualified borrowers can get conventional loans at competitive rates. Other programs, such as Flexible Advantage, make up to $1.5 million in financing available to borrowers with credit scores as low as 550 or with recent bankruptcies or foreclosures. 

Huge number of payment options

Monthly mortgage payments can be made via Western Union, by check, over the web or phone, via autopay, from a direct transfer from your bank, or via money gram. 

Homeownership Concierge team guides you through the process

You’ll have help at each step of the application process and will receive a guaranteed closing date. 

What could be improved?

Redirection can be confusing

When trying to find mortgage loan information on Vylla’s webpage, you’ll automatically be redirected to Carrington’s page instead. This occurs because Vylla isn’t actually the lender, but rather Carrington Mortgage Services is.

Broader access to in-person help

Borrowers in most parts of the country can’t visit a local office to meet with a mortgage professional. 

Fees could be lower

Vylla charges a $599 mortgage underwriting fee. This is in addition to other loan fees that vary by loan type. It’s higher than what some competitors charge. 

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