Voyager Crypto Review: Pros, Cons, and More

Top perks

Access multiple exchanges with one account

As a broker, Voyager connects you with more than a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges to trade more than 50 currencies. This means you can build a diverse portfolio of crypto assets without having to sign up for multiple exchanges and manage multiple accounts. When you make a purchase or a trade, you select the currencies you want to buy or sell, but you don’t choose which exchange they come from.

Through Voyager’s app, you can monitor the performance of each asset you hold, as well as your whole portfolio.

Earn up to 9% APY

Assets in your Voyager account can earn interest on any of 24 coins if you meet the minimum balance. Rates fluctuate, but Voyager says you can earn up to 9% APY on stablecoins, such as USDC, and 6.25% on Bitcoin.

Interest accrues daily and compounds monthly. Your average monthly balance for an eligible coin has to meet the minimum to earn interest for that month. You earn interest on any eligible assets in your account, whether you purchased them on the Voyager platform or deposited them from an external wallet.

Automatic buying

Put your crypto investing on autopilot by setting up recurring buys for individual coins. You connect an external bank account to fund the buys (as you would with a traditional investment account), and Voyager purchases the coin of your choice on a schedule you set. Assets live in your Voyager account and may earn interest.

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