Vladimir Putin voted Russia’s sexiest man in poll of 2,000 Russians

VLADIMIR Putin has been voted Russia’s sexiest man in a poll of 2000 of the country’s citizens.

The result validates the 68-year-old’s fondness for being pictured in a variety of faintly ridiculous bare-chested poses

Vladimir Putin is Russia's sexiest man


Vladimir Putin is Russia’s sexiest manCredit: Reuters
The Kremlin hard man is fond of posing topless


The Kremlin hard man is fond of posing toplessCredit: AFP
Pictured on a recent trip to Siberia


Pictured on a recent trip to SiberiaCredit: Zuma Press

But while the outside world may have sniggered, it seems to have done the trick with Russians who have now succumbed to his improbable sex appeal.

When asked who the most handsome man in their country was, 18 per cent of Russia’s men and 17per cent of its women chose the Kremlin strongman.

The former KGB spy was the only man to reach double figures in the poll by job board site SuperJob, the Moscow Times reports.

“Russians still call Vladimir Putin the most attractive of the famous men in the country,” the site said. 

“In this field neither actors, nor athletes, nor other politicians can compete with him today.”

Putin keeping himself in shape


Putin keeping himself in shapeCredit: AFP
A gun-toting Putin once again posing topless


A gun-toting Putin once again posing toplessCredit: Rota
Striking a typically heroic pose


Striking a typically heroic poseCredit: Reuters

Putin first began cultivating his macho image in 2009 when he took off his shirt and donned sunglasses for a horse ride in Tuva region.

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His best pictures have been immortalised in an annual calendar, which has proved to be an unexpected hit outside Russia.

In another trip to his beloved Siberian wilderness, Putin took time out to go fly fishing.

Carrying on the fine tradition, he chose to go topless for a series of photos and even wore his trademark outdoors boots, cargo trousers and sunglasses.

Other pictures have seen a topless gun-toting Putin roaming the Siberian forests.

In 2011, Putin was seen joining a youth organisation called The Night Wolves in a motorbike convoy through Novorossiysk.

Putin in full Bond villain mode


Putin in full Bond villain modeCredit: Getty – Contributor
Riding with a group of bikers dressed in leader


Riding with a group of bikers dressed in leaderCredit: AFP

Dressed in leather from head to toe – but without a helmet -he actually led the convoy on a massive three-wheel bike.

In 2019 Putin’s most bizarre stunt involved diving to the bottom of the Black Sea aboard a research vessel to inspect an ancient shipwreck.

Looking like the archetypal Bond villain, he was photographed peering out from the ship moments before it descended underwater in the sea near the Crimea.

Since parting with his wife in 2014 a number of “secret girlfriends” have been reported.

Svetlana Krivonogikh – said to be the mother of his lovechild – is a cleaner-turned-millionaire who owns a popular nightspot.

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His current girlfriend is said to be 37-year-old formed gymnast and Olympic gold medallist Alina Kabaeva, who leaked records say he paid £7.78m.

The couple are rumoured to have twins.


Russian President Vladimir Putin takes a vacation in a Siberian forest

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