Twilio Earnings Preview: What to Watch


Earnings season is upon us, and there are some companies our experts are keeping a close eye on. In this Fool Live video clip, recorded on July 1, contributor Brian Withers tells fellow contributor Brian Feroldi what he’ll be watching for when Twilio (NYSE:TWLO) reports its latest results on July 29. 

Brian Feroldi: We got about 10 minutes left. Do you want to talk about the stocks that we’re keeping an eye on? Brian, do you want to go first?

Brian Withers: Yeah. Mine’s Twilio. Similar to what you guys mentioned, there’s a bigger activity here at play with Twilio. They just made a huge acquisition of Segment, which is a customer data platform. To me, the long term thesis for Twilio is to be able to harness the customer data platform, to be able to inform their great messaging service. These are two separate companies today and they’ve just lumped them in. This was back in October. Last quarter, it was nice. They reported revenue for the specific customer data platform segment. They announced a reorg with their engineering group, such that they split it up in to three different sections to focus on the specific elements of their platform. The CEO and founder of Segment that took over the customer data platform for Twilio. I’m looking at how is this integration going? The numbers for the quarter don’t particularly matter too much to me because I think this is such a game changing acquisition for them. I want to make sure that they’re doing the right things and things are progressing along and they are having customer wins and they’re cross-selling as well as they are trying to figure out how to integrate these two platforms from a software development perspective to allow customers to have one umbrella and one nice product for that. That’s what I’m watching for with Twilio. It looks like from the board that I just showed you, that premium comments board, their earnings are going to be around August 6th.

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