Today’s Mortgage Rates in West Virginia

5 affordable places to live in West Virginia:

Offering one of the lowest property tax rates in the country, West Virginia is already fairly affordable for homeowners. For housing and related costs, here are five places to consider.

1. Wierton

Situated on the border between Pennsylvania and Ohio, Weirton offers above-average schools and lots of access to nature. Many young professionals live here, which helps explain the plethora of bars and nightlife. Many work at the tin-plating plant, and civic leaders are working to attract businesses from both Ohio and Pennsylvania to future build up Wierton’s economy. Around two-thirds of residents own their homes, at a median home value of $94,900 — a whopping $76,430 lower than the national median of $184,700 according to Niche. Plus, property taxes in Hancock county, where Wierton is located, are only 0.60%, with residents paying an average of $508 per year, according to

2. Wheeling

Wheeling is one of the largest cities in the state, and borders Ohio. It has a population of 27,190, and many residents are young professionals or retirees, and residents have access to various amenities such as the Oglebay Park Zoo, a bunch of museums and restaurants. The median home value is $107,700, significantly lower than the national number. Many Wheeling residents work in industries such as healthcare, energy, and legal services, and 66% of its residents are homeowners. Although property tax in Ohio county is some of the highest in the state at 0.64%, it’s still more affordable than much of the country.

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3. Clarksburg

Clarksburg, like much of the state, has plenty of parks and waterfront activities. Around 63% of its 15,830 residents are homeowners, probably helped by the fact that the median home value is $86,000. Property taxes are 0.60% of a property’s assessed value in Harrison County, where Clarksburg is located. However, with lower home prices, this is still considered an affordable area.

4. Bluefield

Bluefield sits near the border of Virginia, and has a population of 10,022. It offers a slower pace of life, with access to outdoor activities like parks and mountain trails. A fair number of businesses here focus on shopping choices like crafts and antiques, and many are employed at FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division complex. Most residents own their homes, which have a median value of $84,900. Bluefield offers average employment opportunities, and according to Niche, has above-average public schools. Property taxes here are 0.49%.

5. Parkersburg

Parkersburg offers plenty of things to do like state parks, historical attractions, bars, restaurants, and cultural activities such as the Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park. Much of the industry in Parkersburg is based on healthcare, retail and hospitality. Residents like the small-town atmosphere and feeling that they’re part of a community, according to Niche. The median home value is $89,900, and homeowners pay 0.60% in property taxes.

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West Virginia seems like the perfect place to call home for nature lovers and those wanting a slower pace of life. Whatever your budget, homeownership can be attainable if you find the best rates available for your credit profile. Combine that with working to improve your credit score to help get the most competitive rates available.

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