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5 affordable places to live in North Dakota

Choosing an affordable place for your home purchase can keep costs down. Here are five places with a low cost of living in North Dakota.

1. Jamestown

This North Dakota town has a population of just over 15,000, and around six in 10 people who live there own their homes, according to Niche. The median home value of $136,700 is well below the national median value of $184,700. Jamestown ranks eighth in North Dakota for cost of living, with only smaller towns ranking more affordable. It’s home to attractions including Fort Seward Park, the Stutsman County Memorial Museum, and the National Buffalo Museum. Property taxes in Stutsman County are relatively expensive, however, averaging 1.54% of assessed fair market value, according to Tax

2. Williston

Williston is another inexpensive North Dakota town, although its population is about twice that of Jamestown. Williston is ranked 15th for lowest cost of living in North Dakota, and it also ranks sixth for most diverse. However, just 48% of people own their homes here, perhaps because the median home value of $249,400 is well above the national average. Property taxes are a bit cheaper here than Jamestown — Williams County has an average tax rate of just 1.49% of a property’s assessed fair market value.

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3. West Fargo

West Fargo is a suburb of Fargo, and ranks 20th for best place to buy a house in North Dakota out of 47 ranked areas. It’s also known for having some of the best public schools in the state, and is in the top 20 among best places to raise a family. Homes are more expensive than the national median here, at a median of $228,100. Still, 68% of West Fargo residents are owners rather than renters. Property taxes in Cass County are some of the highest in the U.S., at an average of 1.87% of assessed fair market value. Although taxes are higher than in some of the other places on our list, West Fargo offers residents the chance to enjoy plenty of local attractions, including Rendezvous Park and the Red River Zoo.

4. Dickinson

This North Dakota town has a population of just over 22,700, and has been identified as one of the best places for young professionals, as one of the most diverse places in North Dakota, and as home to some of the best public schools in the state. Property values are above the national average here as well, with a median home price of $235,300. As in West Fargo, most people own their homes, with just 46% of residents renting. Property taxes are relatively expensive here, with an average rate of 1.39% of assessed fair market value in Stark County.

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5. Mandan

Mandan comes in 25th out of 47 places with the lowest cost of living in North Dakota. It’s also one of the top 10 places to retire, and one of the top 20 most-diverse locales in the state. The median home value here is less than that of some of the other places on our list at $207,100, but still above the national median. Property taxes are fairly high, at 1.79% of assessed fair market value. Despite these costs, 65% of Mandan residents own their homes.

Whether you choose one of these locations or another place to buy your North Dakota home, remember to shop around for the best mortgage rates to keep your monthly payments as low as possible.

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