The No-Fee Way to Pay Friends and Family With Your Amex Card


In today’s busy world, it’s not uncommon for someone to charge the whole bill to their credit card when out with friends or family. The other friends will then pay back their share of the bill later on. If you have an American Express card, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a simple feature that allows you to split expenses and pay family and friends back. The best part is it doesn’t charge fees. This tool is built into the American Express App. Keep reading to learn how to send money without a fee to friends and family using your Amex card.

For Amex credit card holders, it’s now easier than ever to split expenses and pay money back to others. Amex has a tool called “Send & Split” and partners with Venmo and PayPal. This convenient tool has two capabilities:

  • Cardmembers can split a charge that’s been billed to their card. All they have to do is tap on a charge and then click “Split It.” The app will then walk the user through splitting the charge between multiple people. Friends can pay you back via Venmo or PayPal, and you can have the money sent directly to your card as a statement credit. If you prefer, you can choose to get paid to your linked Venmo or PayPal accounts. You’ll be eligible to earn rewards points on the original billed purchase, even if you use the “Split It” feature.
  • Cardmembers can send money to friends and family without paying transaction fees. There is no fee when sending money to U.S. recipients. PayPal may charge a fee when sending money to non-U.S. recipients, though. This is a simple way to pay your loved ones back quickly without worrying about extra fees. Since these payment processing companies usually charge fees when sending money with a credit card, this can easily save you some cash. While this is an excellent tool, it’s important to note that you won’t earn rewards points when using this feature.
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Why is Send & Split beneficial? You may struggle to get paid back for expenses that you charge when you’re out with others. The “Split It” feature makes it easy to get paid fast, and you don’t have to deal with friends forgetting to pay you. The ability to pay friends and family back with a credit card without paying additional fees is another convenience. You can quickly settle up right from the American Express App.

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Tips for success

  1. Don’t charge more than you can afford. While this Send & Split tool is easy to use and adds convenience, you want to make sure that you’re always keeping an eye on your credit card balance and your spending limit before you agree to charge a combined bill when out with friends or family. Having good financial responsibility is important for your credit and future.
  2. Make sure that your friends and family members have U.S.-based accounts. If you plan to use your Amex credit card to send money to your friends or family, you need to make sure that they have U.S.-based accounts for this to truly be a no-fee option.
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If you have one of the top Amex credit cards and you want to make it easier to split expenses and pay back others, you’ll want to take advantage of the ability to use Send & Split. It’s a quick and easy way to better manage your money.

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