The Big Winners in the Job Market Do These 4 Things

It’s a strange job market out there. On the one hand, there are a lot of jobs available. On the other hand, there aren’t necessarily jobs available in every field, and some job seekers are growing frustrated.

In a recent FlexJobs survey, today’s job seekers said they’re taking different steps to land an offer. Here are some of the things you can do if you want to be a winner in the job market.

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1. Be open to all types of working arrangements

These days, workplaces are looking different. Some are completely remote. Others are hybrid, where employees work remotely part of the time and in an office the rest. In the above survey, 42% of respondents said they’re open to any sort of arrangement — full-time in the office, full-time at home, or a mix of both. If you’re willing to be just as flexible, you might open the door to more opportunities.

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2. Look outside your current field

It makes sense to start your job search seeking work within your current field. But if you’re not having much luck there, it could pay to expand your horizons. In fact, 35% of job seekers are considering looking for roles outside of their current fields, and you may want to adopt a similar approach to your job search. Taking on a career change could open the door to a higher paycheck. And even if it doesn’t do that right away, you might gain experience that leads to it.

3. Consider a role you’re overqualified for

Applying for a role you’re overqualified for might seem like a step backward, career-wise. But if you’re struggling to get hired, there are benefits to going this route. First, any paycheck is better than nothing, and if you’re currently in the process of depleting your savings, you may need to sacrifice a bit of career growth to stay afloat financially. But also, you never know what you might learn at a new job, even if you feel you have too much experience for it. In fact, 56% of job seekers today have thought about applying to jobs they’re overqualified for, so you wouldn’t be alone in this regard.

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4. Put effort into each job you apply for

It’s one thing to blast out your resume and call it a day, but it’s another thing to go the extra mile by crafting a cover letter for each role you apply for and following up afterward. A good 66% of job candidates say they always or mostly include a cover letter with their applications, tailor their resumes to the specific jobs they’re applying for, and then make a point to follow up on those applications. Making that effort could spell the difference between getting hired or not.

Finding a job today may not be easy, but it can be done. And while your search may be time-consuming, just remember that it’ll all be worth it once you’re gainfully employed and able to enjoy the financial security that comes with a steady paycheck.

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