The 7 Best SEO Tools for 2021

One of the most commonly used expressions by SEOs is “It depends.” It is a standing joke in the industry. What SEO tool you need depends on your main pain point. Perhaps you need SEO monitoring software to see where you stand, or perhaps you already know which of the three pillars you need to improve on. If you have a physical store, perhaps you need to focus on local SEO.

The right tool for your SEO is the one that can address the problem you are facing. Not facing one? You don’t need a tool, then.

Many SEO tools have a free version or a free trial. A good place to start is with the search engines. Google provides a free keyword tool called the Google Keyword Planner. It is meant for search advertising, but can also be used for SEO as it suggests keywords and provides traffic volume estimates.

If you want to see which keywords you rank for, Google also provides the data via the Google Search Console and its integration with Google Analytics. You need to be aware that most free SEO tools are free for a reason. Maybe your data is being used, maybe your contact details are being commercialized, or maybe you are installing something on your computer which does more behind the scenes than just provide you with SEO data.

Backlinks are links on other websites that point to your own site. They can drive traffic from people clicking on them, and they are also used by search engines to determine whether you should rank on certain terms. The three most important things for backlinks are the anchor text in the link, the authority of the page that links to your site, and the page it links to on your site.

What is the purpose of rank tracking?

Rank tracking, also called position tracking, is the process of querying search engines with specific keywords and checking the results page for the position in which a site appears. Once a page appears in the top 30 or 50 for a keyword search, SEOs have hopes that they can tweak and improve the three pillars of SEO to improve that position, and make the page appear closer to the top positions which drive all the traffic.

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