The 6 Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads for 2021

7iDP Sam Hill

Mountain bike knee pads


If the name Sam Hill isn’t familiar, head on over to Youtube and watch one of the best mountain bikers ever. He’s one of the winningest downhill and enduro racers of all time, so it’s no surprise that the pads that bear his name are carefully designed for enduro racing. That means long days of pedaling combined with steep, gnarly descents.

Unlike some other enduro mountain bike knee pads, the 7iDP Sam Hill don’t rely on any straps to stay in place. Instead, they have a stretchy sleeve design with silicone grippers. But that’s where any resemblance to a minimalist knee warmer ends. These pads have lots and lots of coverage – above, below, and on both sides of your knees. In fact, they have nearly as much padding as some downhill pads. So if you like to push yourself on the downs, but still need comfortable pads, the Sam Hill was designed for you. Another feature to note is the length. While some pads on the list here are shorter, these have a nice long sleeve, eliminating any gap between your pads and shorts, and protecting you if you fall. Wrap it up, and these score a great balance of protection and comfort. That’s why we picked them to round out our list of the best mountain bike knee pads!

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 Best Use  Enduro riding
 Pad Type Soft
 Original Price  $84.99

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