The 5 Biggest Perks of Discover Credit Cards


If you’re looking for the most customer-friendly credit cards, Discover is hard to beat. It’s one of the most well-liked card issuers, consistently ranking at or near the top in customer satisfaction reports.

Why is Discover so popular with consumers? The answer is the combination of great perks that make Discover credit cards valuable and accessible to anyone.

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1. Discover credit cards don’t charge annual fees

With Discover, you can be sure you won’t pay all kinds of fees. All its cards are no-annual-fee credit cards. You can pick any card in its lineup without worrying about how much it costs.

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That’s not the only type of fee Discover doesn’t charge. There are also no foreign transaction fees on Discover credit cards. Although more card issuers have eliminated foreign transaction fees recently, Discover was one of the first.

Discover also waives your first late payment fee. To be fair, most card issuers waive one if you call and ask. But it’s more convenient with Discover, because the fee is waived automatically. Just remember that it only applies to the first late payment, so don’t make a habit of paying late.

2. Discover has credit cards for everyone

Some credit card companies only offer credit cards for a limited number of consumers, such as those with good or excellent credit.

That’s not the case with Discover, which has credit cards for every credit score and financial situation. It has popular rewards cards, such as the Discover it® Cash Back. It has student credit cards, so college students can start building credit. And it has a credit card for consumers with bad credit, the Discover it® Secured.

In fact, the Discover it® Secured is considered one of the best secured cards on the market. It even won that category in The Ascent’s 2020 credit card awards.

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3. Every Discover card earns competitive, easy-to-use rewards

There are a few things you can be sure of when it comes to Discover credit card rewards.

No matter which Discover card you choose, you’ll earn rewards. Each Discover card offers a rewards rate competitive with the very best credit cards in that category. That’s true with its rewards cards, student cards, and its secured card.

When you’re ready to use your rewards, redemptions are simple and convenient. You can get cash back with all its cards, and there aren’t minimum redemption amounts — you can redeem as little as $0.01 in cash back if you want.

4. Discover has an innovative sign-up bonus

Another feature all Discover cards have in common is one of the most valuable sign-up bonuses you’ll find.

After you’ve used your card for one year, Discover matches the rewards you earned during your first year. If you ended up making $300 in cash back, Discover will credit you another $300.

There’s no limit to how much Discover will match. This bonus is especially valuable if you prefer using one credit card for all your spending instead of carrying multiple cards. The more you put on your Discover card that first year, the more you get from the rewards match.

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5. Discover is known for high-quality customer service

Good customer service is something you appreciate when you need help from your credit card company. This is another area where Discover excels.

Discover offers U.S.-based, 24/7 customer support. If you need to contact Discover, you can do so at any time by phone or by live chat on its website.

As for the quality of Discover’s customer service, the card issuer has ranked highest among U.S. credit card companies for customer satisfaction in J.D. Power studies for five out of the last seven years. And for those two years it didn’t top the list, it was a close second.

The best way to sum up Discover is that it makes credit cards easy. Discover cards and their benefits aren’t difficult to understand. They offer quite a bit of value without costing you anything in fees. And last but not least, the customer service is top-notch.

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