Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd fans joke her son Ace, 2 months, ‘grew overnight’ in new adorable family photos

TEEN Mom fans gushed over Cheyenne Floyd’s baby boy, Ace, after she shared a couple new adorable photos of her family.

Only two months old, fans joked that the reality star’s newborn looks like he “grew overnight” into a “big boy.”


Cheyenne Floyd gave fans another look at her growing two-month-old son Ace in new family photos
Teen Mom fans couldn't believe how much of a 'big boy' he is 'already'


Teen Mom fans couldn’t believe how much of a ‘big boy’ he is ‘already’Credit: Instagram

Cheyenne, who shares 4-year-old daughter Ryder with ex Cory Wharton and two-month-old Ace with fiance Zach Davis, shared two new family portraits.

She smiled for the camera as Ryder snuggled into her side and Ace sat on her lap, while Zach sat next to her on the bench with the family’s new puppy on his lap.

A second photo also featured Cheyenne’s nephew posing with them, though he opted for a Spider-Man costume instead of the more casual wear that the rest of the family went with.

Ace had on a pair of white pants and a blue top, with both mom and sister protectively keeping an arm and hand on him to make sure he’s nice and secure in Cheyenne’s lap.

“The crew is all here,” the Teen Mom captioned the sweet post. “Now if only I could get the chickens to stay still, our family photo would be complete 😂🖤🐓”

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Cheyenne, who recently shut down bodyshamers, shared the photo to her Instagram Story, as well, adding that everyone in the snap has her “whole heart.”

Fans immediately gushed about how “beautiful” and “cute” baby Ace looks but they also couldn’t believe how much he’s changed recently.

One follower said: “Ace grew overnight 😍”

Another one wrote, “Loveeee this!,” but then wondered: “Wait, hold up! Why does ace look like a big boy already?😭😍”

Saddened that her little one is already growing up so fast, Cheyenne replied: “😢 I know right!! But I think it’s just the picture”

A third commented: “It looks like his hair grow so fast. He makes all the woman jealous 🙈😃”

Others said “he’s getting so big” and they can definitely see all of the features he’s gotten from both his mom Cheyenne and dad Zach.

Earlier this month, the mother of two opened about the difficult time she’s been having while breastfeeding her second child.

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, the MTV star shared a snap of herself wearing a white gown as she breastfed Ace.

Alongside the photo, Cheyenne wrote: “This week is about normalizing breastfeeding, raising awareness, & improving support for breastfeeding parents.

“It focuses on educating, encouraging and empowering those who are on their breastfeeding journey.”

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After noting “breastfeeding can look different for everyone,” the Teen Mom OG star shared that she breastfed her daughter Ryder, four, for two years and is “determined to do the same with Ace.”

She continued: “My current journey has been a lot harder, mentally & physically.

“The first few weeks were extremely tough. As he would latch, I would be dreading the pain that would follow. My nipples cracked, bled, peeled, & I swear they were mad at me.

“I was confused because they didn’t do this with my first experience breastfeeding & I was ashamed that it didn’t come as easy this time.

“Breastfeeding is not easy, mothers need support, & to know they aren’t alone.”

She added that the process has become easier, writing: “I am now exclusively breastfeeding Ace and we truly have our good days and bad days but overall I am committed to nursing as long as my body permits it.”

Followers said it was like Ace 'grew overnight'


Followers said it was like Ace ‘grew overnight’
Cheyenne welcomed her second child and first with fiance Zach Davis in May


Cheyenne welcomed her second child and first with fiance Zach Davis in MayCredit: Diego Canseco
Cheyenne and Zach got engaged during her baby shower in April


Cheyenne and Zach got engaged during her baby shower in AprilCredit: Cheyenne Floyd/Instagram
Cheyenne Floyd’s daughter Ryder gives her mom’s followers a hilarious performance with a mini guitar

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