TD Bank Beyond Checking Account Review


Top perks

No ATM fees with minimum balance: TD Bank never charges customers ATM fees, whether they use the bank’s own network or another ATM network. It’ll also reimburse you for out-of-network ATM fees — but only if you keep at least $2,500 in your TD Bank Beyond Checking account.

Earns interest: TD Bank Beyond Checking account’s interest rate isn’t high. But it’s better than many checking accounts that don’t offer interest at all. You can also qualify for a higher rate if you keep more money in your account.

Two overdraft fee reimbursements per year: TD Bank automatically reimburses the first two overdraft fees in a calendar year. Beyond Checking customers don’t have to do anything to get reimbursed as the bank takes care of this.

Waived fees on other deposit accounts: TD Bank Beyond Checking customers won’t have to pay monthly maintenance fees on savings accounts or money market accounts they open with the bank. The same goes for a single linked TD Convenience CheckingSM account.

One free outgoing wire transfer per statement cycle: Like most banks, TD Bank charges customers for outgoing wire transfers, whether they’re domestic or international. However, TD Bank gives Beyond Checking customers one free outgoing wire transfer per statement cycle.

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Free bank checks: Customers receive free standard checks or discounts on other selected check styles.

Zero liability protection on debit card purchases: If an identity thief uses your debit card to make fraudulent purchases, TD Bank won’t charge you anything for them — even if it takes you several days to realize and report the issue.

Rate discounts on other products: With a TD Bank Beyond Checking account, you’ll be eligible for discounts on home equity loans and safe deposit boxes.

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