TD Ameritrade 2021 Review: Is It Right for You?


Top perks

Commission-free trading

Online stock and ETF trades have no commission.

Online trading platform and mobile app

Investors rate the broker’s mobile app highly. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, the mobile app is truly fully-featured. Clients can get streaming data, invest in mutual funds, or trade stocks and complex options contracts with a mobile device (smartphone) or tablet.

Diverse account types

TD Ameritrade is a one-stop-shop for your investing and cash management needs. Beyond offering traditional taxable brokers, IRA, and Roth IRAs, TD Ameritrade offers an array of education and managed account options.

Research and screeners

TD Ameritrade offers a laundry list of stock, option, and mutual fund screeners that you can use for free. In addition, customers enjoy access to research and ratings from third parties including Morningstar and CFRA, and stock analysis from a host of investment firms.

Mutual fund selection

TD Ameritrade offers one of the largest selections of mutual funds and commission-free ETFs of any discount broker on the market today. Many brokers cater primarily to active investors and traders, but TD Ameritrade does a good job balancing the needs of stockpickers and hands-off fund investors alike.

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Customer support

With branch offices in most major metropolitan areas, TD Ameritrade may win over clients who want the comfort of knowing that face-to-face customer support is just a short drive away.

No minimums

Whether just getting started with investing, or rolling over a $1 million 401(k) into an IRA, TD Ameritrade can take them in. TD Ameritrade doesn’t have a minimum deposit requirement to open an account and start placing trades, which is a real benefit to beginner investors.

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