As producers create and publish their programs, the broadcast Calendar is now updated on-the-fly with their updates.  The Calendar:
  • Highlights were in the week we are, and what is on "right now", giving a visual indicator of where in the program the broadcast currently is.
  • Color codes the Theme of the Series, and provides a legend of what those colors indicate
  • Provides clickable time-slots will show you details about the Series, the Producer, and all the past and upcoming episodes for the current season.
  • For syndicated broadcasts, the links will take you to their website for more information about the program.
  • Can be viewed for the entire broadcast Week as a calendar, Today only, a list format of the entire week
  • Can be printed in a reduced, printer-friendly format
  • Can translated into all the languages that the site supports 
We hope this is new Broadcast Calendar is helpful to you for finding your favorite programs and discovering new ones.
Check it out now.

Check back as we begin incorporating more details and tools for our viewing audience.