Solved: Connecting an External Hard Drive to TV

If your TV supports  USB HDD playbeck and the resident player app in the TV suopports Your Video codecs you are good to go ,if you have a Sony Andoid TV the (free) Kodi Android  browser/ player app is better than the incuded Sony Video player andalso supports 4K ,there may be a Samsung Tizen Kodi Player app availiabkle also . 


I have a 3TB USB HDD that plays Video /Photos or Music ,You tube downloads ,other downloads ,Sony handicam Video etc. straight  into my Sony XBR – X850C  or I can plug it into my HTPC USB to add stuff to it.


FWIW I put each DVD or D/L movie into it’s own windows sub folder inside a Movie folder on the HDD with the title as the name so the Kodi app orany app can list them that way and other smaller videos go stright into in folder groups like 4K demo loops ,HDR demo loops or You tube videos etc. 


I use bit perfect 1:1 uncomressed ISO file rips for DVD rips and kep BD’s on thier disc for now anduse the Sony PS3 for reference quality Blue Ray playback into my Sony XBR X850C .


Just keep in mind with a USB powered hard drive you can’t go much over ~ 3 ft on the USB cable or the drive might slow or not spin up .

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I recomend an external desktop  3.5″  enclosed wall wart powered external expansion NTFS HDD like the USB Seagate Back Up Plus or Seagate Back up or Seagate USB Expansion desk ( that’s what I have ) for some reason The WD external hdd’s  dont alwas work well with TV’s and 2.5″ HDD usualy arent as durable as a 3.5″ hdd and tend to run warm on extended duty cycles like video playing. 

Not sent from my Best Buy 2015 4K HDR ready Sony XBR X850C or the other 4 Best Buy TV’s here but instead Windows 10 14393.rs1

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