Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s son Paedon says he ‘can’t stand’ Meri’s daughter Mariah as they clash over politics – The US Sun

SISTER Wives star Meri Brown’s daughter, Mariah, and future daughter-in-law, Audrey Kriss, are in a nasty social media war with Christine’s son, Paedon, over politics.

The fight started when Paedon, who is in the army, posted on Instagram “back the blue” with the hashtag “#bluelivesmatter.”

 Meri's daughter, Mariah, and Christine's son, Paedon, are feuding over politics


Meri’s daughter, Mariah, and Christine’s son, Paedon, are feuding over politicsCredit: TLC
 Mariah and her fiancee, Audrey Kriss, have been sharing their support for Black Lives Matter


Mariah and her fiancee, Audrey Kriss, have been sharing their support for Black Lives MatterCredit: Instagram

Mariah, 24, and her fiancee, Audrey, have been staunch supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd.

In a screen shot obtained by Reddit, a follower responded: “Call your sister and have a conversation with her.”

Paedon, 21, replied: “I love Mariah very much but we can’t stand each other.”

Audrey then commented on the post: “Black lives matter and I cannot BELIEVE some of the things you’ve said here.

“‘Mariah and I can’t stand each other’ that’s not what you were thinking when you called her crying weeks ago.”

Paedon then turned off the comments.

 Paedon wrote that he 'can't stand' his sister Mariah


Paedon wrote that he ‘can’t stand’ his sister MariahCredit: Instagram
 Paedon wrote 'back the blue' and '#bluelivesmatter' on Instagram


Paedon wrote ‘back the blue’ and ‘#bluelivesmatter’ on InstagramCredit: Instagram

Mariah recently posted on her Instagram Story that she is no longer associating with President Donald Trump supporters because he has “taken away” her “rights.”

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She continued: “I will no longer be associated with people who think that the money in their pockets or the political associations they are are more important than my life, than my rights…

“Remember that if you make the choice to vote for Donald Trump, you are making the choice to no longer have me in your live.”

Mariah and Audrey are currently not following Paedon on Instagram.

 Mariah is not following her half-brother on Instagram


Mariah is not following her half-brother on InstagramCredit: Instagram
 Paedon is in the army


Paedon is in the armyCredit: Instagram

Mariah is also not following her dad Kody’s third wife Christine, 48.

In June, Christine came under fire for using Black Lives Matter to sell a LuLaRoe T-shirts.

The Sister Wives star captioned a photo in a shirt that read “perfectly imperfect:” “Our world is crazy right now! This year has been SO HARD so far! From fires to looting to killing to shaming.

“It seems like being ‘perfectly imperfect’ fits for all of us though. No matter how we stand politically or socially.

“I wish this was a world where we could all have honor and trust and hey, a lot more love would be awesome too!”

She later issued an apology after receiving backlash.

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She wrote: “Working out is hard. Saying sorry is hard. Admitting you were wrong is hard. Saying #blacklivesmatter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 isn’t hard!! Let’s say it and LIVE IT! BLACK LIVES MATTER!!”

 Christine came under fire for using Black Lives Matter to sell T-shirts


Christine came under fire for using Black Lives Matter to sell T-shirtsCredit: Instagram
 Kody has four wives and 18 children


Kody has four wives and 18 childrenCredit: TLC

It has also been speculated that Meri is feuding with Janelle’s daughter Maddie.

Fans noticed the feud in January 2019 when Meri, 49, posted then deleted on social media that a person, who she did not name, wasn’t working at full potential for clothing company LuLaRoe.

Maddie then tweeted and later deleted: “Try being scared of someone your whole f**king life and she plays like she’s the one whose hurting! She was a monster! Now she’s attacking one of the few safety nets you had?

 In another family feud, Meri is reportedly at odd's with Janelle's daughter Maddie


In another family feud, Meri is reportedly at odd’s with Janelle’s daughter MaddieCredit: TLC
 The two had an alleged falling out when Maddie worked for Meri for LuLaRoe


The two had an alleged falling out when Maddie worked for Meri for LuLaRoeCredit: TLC

What religion are the Sister Wives?

THE hit reality show The Sister Wives follows the polygamous life of the Brown family.

In the family there is Kody Brown, the father, and his four wives Meri, 49, Janelle, 50, Christine, 48 and Robyn, 41, along with their 18 children.

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The clan, originally from Utah, relocated to Las Vegas and Arizona so that they could continue practicing polygamy.

The Browns are part of a sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or Mormon religion.

“You can’t sub tweet s**t and not expect retaliation. Loyalty goes to those who were always kind.”

After the cryptic tweets, Maddie stopped working on Meri’s team and the two unfollowed each other on social media.

Kody, 52, shares Mariah with Meri, six kids with second wife Janelle, 50,
six with Christine and five with fourth wife Robyn, 41.

How old is Sister Wives’ Meri and when did she meet Kody Brown?

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