RHOA’s Kenya Moore apologizes for wearing headdress costume after she’s slammed by fans & Native American non-profit

REAL Housewives Of Atlanta star Kenya Moore has apologized for wearing a headdress costume during Sunday’s episode.

The reality TV star was slammed by fans, housewives, and non-profit organizations alike after she wore a Native American headdress as a costume.

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Kenya Moore wore a headdress for Falynn Guobadia's Halloween party


Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore wore a headdress for Falynn Guobadia’s Halloween party
She apologized for her costume


She apologized for her costume

Kenya, 50, took to Twitter on Tuesday to express her regret in wearing a Native American costume, which she had previously claimed was a “warrior princess” one.

She wrote: “I want to sincerely apologize for inappropriately wearing the Native American headdress as a costume.

“I now realize that this was both disrespectful and insensitive and would never have done it if I had that knowledge and understanding beforehand.

“I regret it. When you know better, you do better. I am genuinely sorry.”

Fans weren't happy with her decision


Fans weren’t happy with her decision

Kenya’s apology tweet is completely different to what she said on Sunday night as she lived-tweeted while watching the episode and defended her choice.

She said in a now-deleted tweet: “Also, part of my heritage #RHOA.”

The former beauty queen has revealed her grandfather was white, making her biracial, but had never mentioned any Native American roots.

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Despite her deleting the tweet and apologizing, IllumiNative, a Native-led nonprofit focused on raising visibility of Native issues and voices, told The Sun that, sadly, her actions were louder than her words.

IllumiNative told The Sun in a statement: “We are deeply disturbed by the recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, in which Kenya Moore wore a Native American ‘warrior princess’ costume.

“Costumes that mock Native peoples, defame our traditions and cultures, and perpetuate negative stereotypes are racist.

She even called herself a warrior princess


She even called herself a warrior princess

“‘Playing Indian’ is a form of mascotry that is not just offensive, it is part of a long history of how Native peoples have been dehumanized. Countless research studies show the harm these images, actions, and the normalization of these behaviors have on our youth.

“We also know the dehumanization and sexualization of Native women contributes to the crisis of murdered and missing Indigenous women.

“We are also incredibly concerned that none of the producers or executives at Bravo, Comcast, or NBC Universal intervened, although several cast members commented on how uncomfortable, unnecessary, and offensive the costume was on camera.

“The series has had several instances of racism and offensive behavior and yet it seems no training, procedures, or standards have been sent to stop offensive acts, which go against the values Comcast professes to have.

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Drew Sidora (r) had an issue with her costume


Drew Sidora (r) had an issue with her costume

They concluded: “It is important that Bravo, Comcast, NBC Universal, Andy Cohen, and Kenya Moore apologize for the harm they have caused Native peoples and commit to ensuring offensive displays like this never happen again. Native people are not a costume.”

Just yesterday, the mom of one was labeled as “disrespectful” and “disgusting” for dressing up as a Native American for Falynn Guobadia’s Halloween party.

During Sunday night’s episode of RHOA, fans were treated to a quarantine-styled Halloween party as Falynn Guobadia invited the ladies over.

Porsha Williams called her 'whack' for her costume


Porsha Williams called her ‘whack’ for her costume

As Kenya entered Falynn’s home, the hostess looked visibly uncomfortable with her costume.

Drew Sidora – who was dressed as a feline – told the cameras: “Kenya’s Native American costume is super problematic but I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers.

“But it feels like I’m the only one who has an issue with Kenya Moore’s decisions.”

Porsha Williams, disgusted, also told the producers: “Kenya is a Native American warrior. I thought we weren’t doing that anymore. I know this girl was crazy but add lame to the list, add whack to the list.”

Fans were not so happy with Kenya's costume choice


Fans were not so happy with Kenya’s costume choice
They were quick to call her out


They were quick to call her out
'Insensitive,' one fan wrote


‘Insensitive,’ one fan wrote
'Disgusting,' another chimed in


‘Disgusting,’ another chimed in

However, the housewives weren’t the only ones who found the costume problematic as fans quickly sounded off on social media.

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One fan wrote: “Kenya is too grown to not know dressing as a Native American is offensive af.”

A second one shared: “Kenya Moore wearing a headdress in the year of our lord 2020. Choices.”

While one user tweeted: “Kenya Moore of real housewives dressed as a Native America is the most insensitive and racist thing ever. She is just using it as a costume.”

Kenya gave fans a look into her therapy session last episode


Kenya gave fans a look into her therapy session last episodeCredit: Bravo

Another joined the crowd and commented: “Kenya Moore dressed as a Native American is the most racially insensitive disgusting thing. I hope The View is not going to give her a pass on this insult.”

More fans kept going off on the housewife as the episode premiered.

Another one tweeted: “Kenya Moore preaching about disrespect while she is wearing a Native American headdress – umm ok.”

A sixth fan shared: “Kenya Moore coming to a party dressed as a Native American is probably the most disgusting thing I’ve seen on Housewives since Monique Samuels did it a couple seasons ago. Do better. Sincerely, an Indigenous African-American woman.”

One wrote: “I know the episode is airing today but October 2020 was not that long ago! Kenya Moore should know better to wear a Native American Headdress for Halloween! Disgusting! Disrespectful!”

Despite her racially-insensitive decision to wear a Native American costume as Porsha fights for their rights as black women, Kenya has been having a tough season as she deals with her past trauma in therapy and goes through with her divorce from Marc Daly.

View more information: https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/2558099/rhoa-kenya-moore-apologized-native-american-headdress-costume/

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