Review: Alliant High-Rate Savings Account


No monthly fees: Cutting fees is crucial to harvesting the most value from interest earnings. Alliant’s High-Rate Savings account has no monthly fees as long as you elect to receive eStatements. If you need paper statements, you’ll be charged a $1 monthly service fee.

Free ATM convenience card: Including an ATM convenience card amps up the value of banking with Alliant, as the card provides easy access for cash withdrawals and deposits at qualifying ATMs. Keep in mind that Federal Reserve Regulation D limits you from processing more than six easy withdrawals per month from a savings account.

80,000-plus surcharge-free ATMs: Alliant has a wide network of surcharge-free ATMs. Just keep your eyes peeled for Alliant-owned ATMs and those that are part of the Alliance One, Allpoint, CO-OP Network, Credit Union 24 CU Here, and Publix Presto networks. Alliant claims that its number of surcharge-free ATMs exceeds that of Chase and Bank of America combined.

Mobile app: A user-friendly mobile app is a necessity for an online savings account, and Alliant’s highly rated app includes key features such as electronic transfers to and from external accounts and mobile check deposits.

Supplementary savings: Alliant will allow you to open as many as 19 sub-accounts associated with your High-Rate Savings account. This can come in handy managing your money when you’re saving for separate goals.

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FDIC insured: Finally, Alliant’s High Rate Savings accounts are covered by the same FDIC insurance as traditional bank savings accounts. This covers you for as much as $250,000 per depositor, per institution, in the event of a bank failure.

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