Oct. 20 (EIRNS)—The U.S. Senate is now a theater of endless-war warriors demanding more Middle East wars and punishment of President Donald Trump with the absurd claim of genocide against the Kurds. The House of Representatives now boasts impeachers of both parties who pretend to believe that Vladimir Putin (or Xi Jinping) controls Trump, and who are supporting a secretive group of CIA operatives to overthrow the President. Many of the major national media organizations have abandoned the thin surface veneer of reporting the news, and simply issue and spin public relations bulletins from the managers of the coup, who originated with senior figures of British intelligence.

If this is the situation, the American people are justified, if they are willing to act for themselves, in throwing out most of this Congress of fakers with their faked views and fake news. But something else underlies this crazy behavior.

These elected officials are hiding from themselves—and from you—the unmistakable reports that a new financial crisis is coming at us from Wall Street, already in its early stages, while the industrial economies of the United States and Europe are sinking. The new global financial report of the International Monetary Fund is full of very serious warnings of debt crisis and financial crash. The Federal Reserve has been pumping $50-$100 billion of liquidity loans into the Wall Street banks and funds every day since it discovered a liquidity crisis in the interbank loan market on Sept. 16. The central banks of the United States, Europe and Japan are coordinating their expanded bank-subsidy programs to try to print enough liquidity to keep stock and bond values from plunging.

But there is no mention of any of these erupting financial emergencies in the Congress and parliaments, nor reference to them in popular media. No hearings are held. Competent economists and bankers urge that these banks must be broken up on Glass-Steagall principles, and large-scale programs of public investment in high-technology economic infrastructure must be launched, and quickly. But these imperatives are not even discussed.

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Topics Wall Street, Kurds, Syria
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