Donald Grahn

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I am a father of four and grandpa to four more. I want to see a better life for their generations - like the 'happy days' I grew up in, not realizing until recently the corruption under the cover of civility. I am pursuing truth. Join with me

Donald Grahn produces 3 Series:
All-ways Pursuing Truth  (588 Episodes)
Topics of Truth 4 U 2 view, Peruse and Pursue. Can You handle the Truth
Truth vs. NEW$, Inc.  (543 Episodes)
The roots and fruits of the media's "truths" & issues. Guests, Clips and quips about important topics in the news - to help you learn what MSM may not want you to know. Don't swallow anything you see or hear here until you chew it t
Call 4 Investigation  (407 Episodes)
Grassroots news at dirt level. Current topics that need investigation. Learn to Always Question Authority - esp. the controlled media.   Your comments welcomed - as this show is an outreach to serve you - with info behind the news to hel

As a former research biochemist, entrepreneur, public minister, paralegal, and notary public, I founded a legal research group for protecting one's unalienable rights. Patricia J H S and Will Wilson came to a meeting, liked what they heard and invited me to appear on their Call 4 Investigation show in 2004. And then, they invited me back, and TV news got into my blood, esp. 9/11. I first started submitting 9/11 videos on my new All-ways Pursuing Truth program on 5/5/'05.
Then I learned to operate the studio to cover for Patricia when her tech couldn't continue. I started a third series, that I entitled "Truth vs. NEW$ INC" in 2010 - w/o realizing that it would become the major focal point of today's media' malady..