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A PREGNANT woman was left mortified after she climaxed during a pelvic exam by a “gorgeous” female doctor.

The woman – thought to be based in the US – revealed on Reddit how she was mortified after having an “obvious and leg shaking orgasm” as the gynaecologist examined her.

 The woman said she was mortified


The woman said she was mortifiedCredit: Getty – Contributor
 She took to Reddit to share her embarrassment


She took to Reddit to share her embarrassmentCredit: Reddit

She shared the embarrassing story on the TIFU thread – short for Today I F***ed Up – which sees red-faced Redditors spill their cringe-worthy stories in the blissful company of strangers.

The woman explained how she had been “particularly sensitive” since entering her third trimester of pregnancy – and her husband now “feels like a rockstar” as she now orgasms three or four times during sex.


The woman had gone to see her doc after a few complications and to check everything with her baby was OK.

But the “straight-up gorgeous” medic and had her questioning her sexuality.

Her super hot doc began the exam as the pregnant woman lay naked from the waist-down with her feet up in stirrups.

The woman writes: “I get on the table, feet in the stirrups, and my OB (obstetrician) lubes up her hands and inserts two fingers and begins the exam.

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“And I knew it was going to happen. I tried to suppress it. I tried to will it not to happen.”

There was definitely an air of uncomfortable tension in the room

But to her embarrassment she couldn’t help herself – and began to have a “very obvious” orgasm, “moaning, shaking legs and all.”

She added by the end of the ordeal she was considering “honourable suicide via speculum.”

The woman concludes: “There was definitely an air of uncomfortable tension in the room after that moment though.

“So yeah. I can’t look my OB in the eye anymore, but with only a month left in pregnancy, I have no choice but to keep seeing her.”

The post was flooded with comments – some assured her the incident certainly wasn’t the worst that could happen during pregnancy, while others offered their own similar experiences.

One Redditor wrote: “Don’t worry. You’re gonna c*** on her during delivery, so this will not be the most embarrassing thing ever. Congrats on baby!”

Another added: “You’re fine. It actually does happen more often than one would think. OBGYNs have dealt with this and faaaaar worse. You’ll be great.”

One slightly more cynical comment read: “Just asked a friend… apparently it is uncommon, kinda rare! Happened maybe max of 10 times a year in their whole department with several doctors!

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“My friend said it’s not exactly a comfortable situation – so if it does happen to the woman – she must be really, really, really turnt and sensitive and very comfortable and relaxed with her doctor to have that happen (sic).”

 Some Redditors rushed to comfort the poor woman


Some Redditors rushed to comfort the poor womanCredit: Reddit
 Apparently, it's more common than you'd think


Apparently, it’s more common than you’d thinkCredit: Reddit
 Others pointed out it's not the worst thing that happens during pregnancy


Others pointed out it’s not the worst thing that happens during pregnancyCredit: Reddit


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