Pick-up truck with ‘vile’ image of kidnapped woman tied up on back is investigated by police

A PICK-UP truck with a “vile” image of an apparently kidnapped woman tied up on the back is being investigated by police.

Drivers were horrified to see the picture of the woman lying down and tied up in the back of the vehicle.

Motorists were outraged after seeing the 'vile' image of the kidnapped


Motorists were outraged after seeing the ‘vile’ image of the kidnappedCredit: East Anglia News Service
Two years ago, the truck was spraypainted with the words, 'This is not OK' in a protest by a woman


Two years ago, the truck was spraypainted with the words, ‘This is not OK’ in a protest by a womanCredit: East Anglia News Service

The truck was reported to police after being spotted at traffic lights at Trowse, near Norwich, Norfolk.

Norfolk Police say the incident is being investigated as a potential hate crime.

A police spokesman said: “A woman reported seeing a blue pick-up truck with vinyl printed on the back of the truck showing a woman being tied up, blindfolded, bound as if being kidnapped. Enquiries are ongoing.”

The picture sparked outrage when it was shared by Sophia Forte on the Facebook group “Reclaim These Streets Norwich”.


The graphic designer said on a message the picture: “This was spotted in Norwich.

“Not okay to normalise violence against women, then people wonder why we have so many issues with it.”

Miss Forte added: “I’m a graphic designer and from a designer’s perspective my job is to educate and inspire.

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“It is sickening visually to think that someone has designed this and in my opinion, it is normalising violence, abuse, threat and control over women.

It is sickening visually to think that someone has designed this

Sophia Forte

“It makes me sad that someone that is a designer has abused their power to create something like this. We need to calm people and stand up, not alarm.”

Other Facebook users left messages condemning the image as “horrifying” and “vile”.

One said: “I have never before seen anything like this on a vehicle. Am shocked. It is beyond disgraceful.

“I really hope someone reported the driver and that there is something that can be done about it.”

Another added: “What the f*** is wrong with people? How can that ever be funny?”

Community campaigner Jasmine Reeves described the pick up truck as “disturbing”.

It later emerged the image on the pick up truck was spraypainted with the words, “This is not OK” in a protest by a woman more than two-years ago.

She said: “This is not okay. I do not want to see it and attempt to explain it to my five and ten-year-old boys. It’s no wonder that women do not feel safe in this world.”

Polly Steward became enraged when she and her ten-year-old daughter spotted the truck on February 10, 2019, while it was parked near her home in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

She said: “I was out with my daughter and saw the truck with this vile image on the back and was fuming.

“I was right next to Claire’s Accessories and went inside to buy some pink hairspray, as I knew it would just wipe off.

“I then went out and sprayed on the back and a few days later had a letter from the police asking me to call them due to criminal damage.”

James Hellewell of Leeds, West Yorkshire, faced fury in 2014 when he had a similar sticker of a tied up woman on the back of his truck.

He insisted he had only put it on as a joke and he removed it after being warned by police that he could be charged with a public order offence if he continued to display it.

View more information: https://www.the-sun.com/news/3014848/pick-up-truck-vile-kidnapped-woman/

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