New Wells Fargo Card Offers $200 Bonus and Unlimited 2% Back


Although Wells Fargo has long held a solid share of the banking market, the issuer has struggled to appeal to the ever-growing credit card market — especially in a crowded rewards card space. In fact, most serious discussions of the best rewards credit cards don’t even reference the small range of Wells Fargo cards.

And that’s what the issuer hopes to change. The company is in the process of revamping its Wells Fargo credit card lineup, and it has started with the release of the brand-new Active Cash℠ Card.

According to Wells Fargo, the Active Cash℠ Card will debut in July of this year and will offer cash back rewards with no annual fee.

So how is the Active Cash℠ Card going to stand out from the rest of the cash back rewards credit cards? By upping its game when it comes to unlimited flat-rate rewards.

Unlimited 2% cash back, no categories, no activation

The new Active Cash℠ Card will reportedly offer unlimited 2% cash back on all net purchases. This means there won’t be any bonus categories to track and nothing to activate to earn the 2% rewards rate. It’s also not an introductory rate.

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While there’s definitely no shortage of unlimited cash back rewards cards, it’s fair to say that the current crop of flat-rate, non-bonus-category cards has been fairly stagnant for a while. Most of these options — including Wells Fargo’s previous cash back rewards card — have been capped at 1.5% cash back.

Sure, you can find a small handful of other cash back cards on the market with 2% rewards rates. But most of the existing cards have some sort of catch, such as limits on how you can redeem your rewards or a piecemeal approach to earning them. The Active Cash℠ Card is just a straight unlimited cash back card, without any hoops to jump through to earn the higher rate.

Easy-to-get $200 sign-up bonus

No-fuss 2% cash back isn’t the only thing that makes the Active Cash℠ Card stand out from similar 2% cards. The new card will also come with a sign-up bonus — and a pretty good one at that.

New Active Cash℠ Card cardholders will be able to earn a $200 cash back sign-up bonus when they spend $1,000 on their cards within the first three months. This is a solid offering for any card with no annual fee, but it’s particularly impressive for a card with unlimited 2% cash back. Other 2% cash back cards don’t come with any kind of sign-up bonus, let alone one worth $200.

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15-month 0% intro-APR deal

The Active Cash℠ Card will also come with a 15-month 0% intro APR offering that will apply to both new purchases and balance transfers. This is definitely comparable to some of the better 0% intro APR cards, and is yet another factor that will likely help the Active Cash℠ Card achieve a solid initial showing.

To earn the 0% intro APR, balance transfers will need to be made within the first 120 days. New cardholders will also enjoy an introductory balance transfer fee that will increase after the initial 120-day period.

A solid offering in a competitive field

It’s not easy to get noticed in the jam-packed rewards card space, but Wells Fargo is certainly making a strong attempt. The new Active Cash℠ Card offers a solid, user-friendly option for unlimited 2% cash back, complete with an attractive sign-up bonus and intro-APR deal.

While it won’t be for everyone, the card will appeal to folks who don’t want to fuss with travel rewards or worry about maximizing points. If you like cash back — and hate jumping through hoops to earn it — the Active Cash℠ Card may be worth a look.

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