Mom who wants son, 7, to transition to a girl called ‘Luna’ must SHARE custody with dad, who’s opposed – The US Sun

A MOM who wanted her son, 7, to transition to a girl must SHARE custody with his dad, who’s opposed to the procedure, according to reports.

Dr. Anne Georgulas from Texas won her previous court case last year allowing her to give her son, James Younger, puberty-blocking hormones.

 James' dad refuses to call him "Luna"


James’ dad refuses to call him “Luna”
 Younger said James' mom is making him wear a dress


Younger said James’ mom is making him wear a dressCredit: Facebook
 His dad claims James/Luna is just confused


His dad claims James/Luna is just confused

The jury’s decision meant James’ dad Jeff Younger who didn’t agree his son should transition had no input in his son’s medical procedures.

Dallas Judge Mary Brown reportedly overturned the decision, ruling both parents should have joint guardianship over James on Wednesday.

This means Georgulas and Younger have to agree on all decisions pertaining to their son – but her lawyer reportedly said he’ll challenge the ruling.

As well as going to counselling, they will decide whether James needs hormone replacement therapy, his dental and psychiatric care, and even his haircuts.

The news comes after a jury initially ruled in favor of giving sole managing guardianship of James and his twin brother Jude to their mom last October.

Georgulas was adamant James is transgender and she was determined to allow him to transition – but her ex says James is just confused.

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He denied James has gender dysmorphia, saying his ex-wife was forcing him to socially transition by wearing a dress.

Back in November, it emerged young James decided to go to school dressed as a boy on a Facebook page called “Save James.”

Posts show the seven-year-old dressed in boy’s clothes as he hangs out with his dad.

The description said it aims to stop the social and medical transition – as well as raising funds for Younger’s legal bills.

A GoFundMe for his costs raised $52,298 of its $150,000 goal as of Friday morning from 838 donors. 

The initiative aims to pass a law in Texas “prohibiting medical interventions like this on children.”

“Please pray for a little boy in Texas, who wishes to grow up ‘strong like dad,'” read one January 27 post.

 Younger has shared pictures of James dressed in boy's clothes


Younger has shared pictures of James dressed in boy’s clothes
 James (right) with his twin brother Jude


James (right) with his twin brother JudeCredit: Facebook

Younger alleges Jude is not allowed to call his twin brother James at their mom’s house.

The estranged couple’s court battle kicked off when Georgulas filed a 2018 court request to make changes to their joint custody.

This arrangement required Younger to call James “Luna” going forward.

Georgulas claimed three mental health professionals diagnosed his gender dysphoria.

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She said therapists recommended they use “Luna” instead – but Younger refused.

He filed his own request for sole custody of the twins to prevent the gender transition.

Back in October, Georgulas’s lawyers told BuzzFeed News she would remain silent to protect her kids.

Thursday’s ruling means he’s on equal ground with his ex-wife when it comes to their son.

The couple – who married in 2010 and annulled it a few years later -went through IVF, requesting their twins be male.

They were members of the Orthodox Church and Georgulas is mom to two adult girls as well as the twin boys.

Georgulas and Younger’s disagreements got started when she took James to a gender therapist at the Children’s Hospital Center.

She maintained James wanted to play with girly toys and kept imitating Disney princesses.

A therapist said he should go by “Luna” and go to school in a dress.

But Younger claimed Georgulas was manipulating James to dress “like a drag queen.”

Younger described her actions as the “very, most fundamental form of sexual abuse.”

But her lawyers refuted his claims back in October.

“A completely distorted and untrue version of events in this case has been circling the media,” they told Buzzfeed.

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“[Georgulas is] being viciously attacked and threatened by complete strangers based on false and untrue statements. That is unacceptable.
“The ruling issued by a jury of peers, after hearing both sides of this case, should call into question the distorted and untrue version of events that has been circulated.”

 James' dad is adamant he doesn't identify as a girl


James’ dad is adamant he doesn’t identify as a girlCredit: Facebook
 Georgulas and Younger had IVF and requested the twins were boys


Georgulas and Younger had IVF and requested the twins were boys
 Younger argued his son only went by "Luna" at his mom's house


Younger argued his son only went by “Luna” at his mom’s houseCredit: Facebook
 He set up the "Save James" Facebook page and website


He set up the “Save James” Facebook page and websiteCredit: Facebook

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