MetLife Auto Insurance 2021 Review

Top perks

Affordable premiums for drivers with imperfect records

MetLife was less expensive than some competitors for drivers who had a recent at-fault accident on their record. While all insurers charge more for motorists with accidents, MetLife’s surcharge was smaller than the one imposed by Geico and several other big name insurers. Those looking for the best cheap auto insurance with an imperfect driving record should consider MetLife.

Discounts for good driving

MetLife offers motorists the opportunity to reduce premiums if they use the My Journey program to track their driving habits. This can provide considerable savings, making MetLife’s premiums more affordable.

After-market add-ons are covered

MetLife’s custom equipment coverage will pay to repair or replace after-market add-ons on a vehicle (like an upgraded stereo system) when the driver suffers a loss. The custom equipment coverage includes navigation systems, custom spoilers, custom paint jobs, wheels and grills, and more. Policyholders can choose how much after-market coverage they need, but $2,000 worth of coverage added nothing to the policy’s premium costs.

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