MeetEdgar vs. Hootsuite: Which Is Better in 2021?



Hootsuite, you can do anything.

MeetEdgar does it for you. Comparing these two social media management platforms is not like comparing apples to apples. They are very different in conception and don’t achieve the same thing. They are champions in their own way and choice selections within the range of leading social management tools we have reviewed.

Screenshots from the MeetEdgar and the Hootsuite interfaces.

MeetEdgar and Hootsuite have the same social media management objectives but very different ways of working. Sources: MeetEdgar and Hootsuite software.

MeetEdgar vs. Hootsuite: An overview

MeetEdgar is your social media assistant, and Hootsuite is your social media toolbox. Let’s dig a little deeper by first looking at the types of users each is made for.

Who is MeetEdgar for?

MeetEdgar is ideal for content marketers who are using social media tactically to drive traffic and engagement on the main social networks. Those teams can be small agencies or in-house teams with a desire to automate and find productivity gains.

Who is Hootsuite for?

Hootsuite has a much broader target audience. It has a broad range of social networks on which to schedule posts, a large group of integration partners, and an app platform allowing it to adapt to complex needs. At one end of the spectrum, it’s an entry-level tool beginners can use for free, and, at the other, it’s a tool that can power large corporations that have sophisticated needs.

MeetEdgar vs. Hootsuite: Features

MeetEdgar goes deep into a limited number of functionalities, while Hootsuite covers a wide range of functionalities in a more superficial manner.

What MeetEdgar offers

MeetEdgar is an AI-driven platform positioned as your social media assistant. It will look for your contents before you ask and recommend publication times based on the behavior of your audience.

MeetEdgar connects with content in various ways and allows you to create a number of posts for each piece of content you have, thus optimizing your visibility with each. It will also allow you to set a recurring publication calendar and optimize content usage to meet your communication objectives.

It integrates with the most common social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and it has recently added Pinterest. Its reporting covers all your activity, but not all the impact it generates.

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Read The Blueprint’s MeetEdgar review to explore all of these features in depth.

MeetEdgar scans your website and looks for existing content.

After connecting MeetEdgar with your social media profiles, it scans your website and looks for existing content to post. Source: MeetEdgar software.

What Hootsuite offers

Hootsuite can be fitted to pretty much any need and budget. In the free version, you can connect to three social networks and post a limited amount of content, which is a great way to start. It has the Streams integrated social listening tool for monitoring Twitter discussions, and it connects with almost all networks for social media scheduling.

Hootsuite can integrate with external listening tools, marketing automation, content discovery, and analytics tools. The App platform guarantees an answer to any integration challenge. Hootsuite also has a great reporting capability, in which you can set up cross-network reporting and even compose your own reports. There is also an integration for running advertising campaigns on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Read The Blueprint’s Hootsuite review for a look at all of its features.


From a user perspective, MeetEdgar has the best and most advanced features, while Hootsuite has the broadest range of possibilities. We are not really comparing likes for likes, and so we’ll call it a draw, with a small tilt in favor of MeetEdgar.

MeetEdgar vs. Hootsuite: Support

When you are managing real-time communication, support at the right time can make a huge difference. Let’s look at the user support the two platforms provide.

What MeetEdgar offers

MeetEdgar provides a wide range of support options, including email, Twitter, and Facebook. We got responses within two hours. The interface itself is organized around the onboarding process, which is self-explanatory and detailed. The blog provides more in-depth information, plus Edgar University is available for learning more about social media tactics and strategy.

Our preferred support option was the live demo called Office Hours, where you attend a webinar with live demonstration and dedicated Q&A for any question you may have.

What Hootsuite offers

Hootsuite also has email and social media support, which perform well. Across the entire platform, you can always find help via the feedback option, which allows you to create a ticket. Hootsuite goes a long way to educate its users through its blog and help center, and our experience with support requests was positive. This is not the case for everyone, though, probably due to the large number of users on the free version of the tool.

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MeetEdgar’s live demo makes all the difference here. Both platforms have created a university approach and are available when you reach out for support. But going through a live session where a coach walks you through the tool and allows you to ask questions related to your own account is such a great way to assist users that we favor MeetEdgar’s support over Hootsuite’s.

MeetEdgar vs. Hootsuite: Ease of use

When you’re spending a lot of time on an interface, it’s important that it’s fast, pleasant, and optimized for the tasks you need to accomplish.

What MeetEdgar offers

MeetEdgar makes a great impression when you onboard the tool. The user experience is optimized to a point, where it then surprises you by collecting relevant information you need but didn’t ask for. This makes for a positive experience and a tool that is extremely easy to set up, configure, and use.

What Hootsuite offers

The onboarding and documentation process for Hootsuite is straightforward and streamlined, with help and guidance at each step. The help and support option on every page makes it easy to find answers to any issues you may have. Hootsuite also offers an intuitive app for taking your social media management mobile.


You rarely see an optimized user experience in software tools like the one you get with MeetEdgar, which comes out a winner on this point. There’s nothing wrong with Hootsuite and its accessibility and ease of use. But MeetEdgar goes several extra miles to enhance its available help and assistance.

MeetEdgar vs. Hootsuite: Pricing

The value of a social media management tool is best appreciated through the performance you extract from it. It can be related to your social media outcome and the productivity of your community management.

What MeetEdgar offers

MeetEdgar’s pricing is a flat $49/month, with the possibility to manage 25 social media accounts on Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn Profile and Company Pages, Instagram, and the recent addition of Pinterest. There is a cheaper Lite plan with very limited quotas.

  • Edgar Lite: 3 social media accounts and 10 posts per week for $19/month
  • Edgar: 25 social media accounts for $49/month

What Hootsuite offers

Hootsuite’s pricing has three main tiers corresponding to single user, small team, and agency. There is also a free plan including three social media accounts.

  • Professional: 1 user managing 10 social media accounts for $29/month
  • Team: 3 users managing 20 social media accounts for $129/month
  • Business: 5 users managing 35 social accounts for $599/month


Hootsuite wins on pricing since the MeetEdgar entry level is more expensive for the breadth of tools and integration you get. The Lite plan from MeetEdgar is similar to Hootsuite’s free plan.

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MeetEdgar vs. Hootsuite: Integration with other software

Social media management tools integrate with the social platforms to manage publications and gather data. But they also integrate with other tools to complete their range of services or share data.

What MeetEdgar offers

MeetEdgar integrates and optimizes content from external sources, such as RSS feeds for automated publication. It also has Zapier connections, meaning you can let data flow in and out of the applications for custom setups.

What Hootsuite offers

Hootsuite can meet any integration needs a client may have via its technology integrations and its app platform. It can directly integrate with certain marketing automation tools, CRMs, and analytics tools. Almost any integration need can be met, thanks to the Hootsuite platform approach.


Hootsuite opens up to external tools through specific integration and apps, while MeetEdgar leaves this to Zapier, which is an external automation solution. You can probably meet most integration needs with Zapier, but Hootsuite has the most complete solution to whatever integration needs its clients may have.

MeetEdgar vs. Hootsuite: Automation

The scheduling feature of social media management tools is one of the keys to their success because they drive productivity. Let’s look at some of the other automation features these two tools provide.

What MeetEdgar offers

MeetEdgar allows you to automate basic tasks. Add a new blog post to pending. Publish directly. Add to the queue. Publish when a spot is available in the recurring calendar. Social media management becomes about creating the input and then letting the tool run operations once you have set the direction. With a well-structured MeetEdgar setup, a social media operation can run with very little supervision.

What HootSuite offers

Beyond the basic scheduling and feed integration features, Hootsuite offers some interesting advanced options. You can use Hootsuite internal post tagging to structure your content. The tags system also allows for tasks and contents to be organized based on trigger actions you can set yourself. This approach allows larger organizations to structure the work with various degrees of automation.


MeetEdgar comes out on top for automation. The way it creates recurring automated posts based on content you prepare once stands out among social media management tools. It is worth mentioning that Hootsuite is doing a good job of allowing for custom automation in its enterprise version. Advanced automation is not something all Hootsuite and MeetEdgar competitors include in their offerings.

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