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Sometimes you try a new tool and immediately get that “wow” effect. This happened to us with

MeetEdgar. We got the feeling MeetEdgar built its tool after reading our articles about social media strategy and how to build a content calendar.

The tool takes us through a straightforward four stage set-up:

  1. We connect the social media accounts
  2. We create categories for our content
  3. We enter the content itself, empowered by MeetEdgar’s automatic tools
  4. We optimize the weekly recurring publication schedule based on recommended time slots

MeetEdgar covers a narrower scope than some social media management tools, but it goes deeper into the tasks it does cover. It focuses on publication and scheduling, and doesn’t concentrate on social listening and advanced reporting.

The only thing we missed in its core functionality was managing hashtags for Twitter and Instagram.

Who is MeetEdgar for?

MeetEdgar is ideal if you already have a blog, curate content, and manage at least 3-5 social profiles for your brand. It’s also a good fit for managing the social media of an inbound marketing strategy.

Serious community managers in charge of marketing for a small business will appreciate the productivity gains and the import capabilities of the tools. MeetEdgar focuses on getting the most out of your content without using advertising, and doesn’t provide functionality for managing social media ad campaigns.

MeetEdgar’s features

MeetEdgar maximizes your social media for small business. Activity is the first of the 4 major social media metrics, on which the tool is focused. And it monitors clicks on links, which are part of the engagement metric but it doesn’t measure connections or reach.

Let’s look over MeetEdgar’s main features.

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Content categorization

MeetEdgar lets you categorize and organize your content in a library. The default categorization shows the philosophy of the tool: General, My blog posts, Promotions and Specials, and Recommended reads.

This categorization helps you balance your content types when you publish and strikes a balance between your commercial (promotions), curated (recommended reads) and proprietary (my posts) content.

Gathers your content for you

When MeetEdgar connects to your social accounts, it doesn’t just sit passively and wait for you to give instructions. It crawls your accounts to identify content and suggests additions to your content library.

MeetEdgar scans your website and looks for existing content

After connecting MeetEdgar with your social media profiles, it scans your website and looks for existing content to post.

Content syndication from other sources

MeetEdgar allows you to import more content from your website, or from external sources, such as a blog where you often find interesting articles you would like to share on your social profiles.

MeetEdgar delivers the content into the category it corresponds to (for example the Recommended reads). However, it’s in a “pending” state, which means you can review and confirm it’s in the right category before you publish. This feature helps you perform “content curation”, a commonly used social media strategy.

MeetEdgar imports content and places it in the Pending Content user to review

MeetEdgar imports content from external sources and places it in the Pending Content tab for the user to review and approve before entering the publication queue.

Recurring weekly schedule

Use MeetEdgar’s recurring weekly schedule to establish preferred time slots for each content category and social network. MeetEdgar determines these preferred time slots by reviewing the times your audience has been most responsive in the past.

These time slots show up as recommended posting times in your weekly schedule.

MeetEdgar's Content Calendar

In the recurring weekly schedule, publication times, category types, and social networks are illustrated with logos and colors to provide a unique overview of the content calendar.

Auto variations and recurring posts

In most social networks, published content reaches less than 10% of your audience, because the timing wasn’t right or the user found more appealing content to view.

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MeetEdgar helps you get the most mileage out of your posts by repurposing them. The auto variation feature crawls your content and suggests variations of the original post using extracts from the post.

You review and validate the post before it is put in the queue, representing an opportunity for you to repackage your content and appeal to more end users.

MeetEdgar creates post variations for your approval

MeetEdgar automatically creates post variations for your approval before publication.

Your reporting is your history

The History tab shows all the posts you have published in chronological order. You can sort them using filters or date ranges. MeetEdgar also sends you a weekly email with a recap of the past week’s publications.

And you can view performance details for each publication and its associated variations. The Performance history shows the number of times the content has been published. Using MeetEdgar’s URL shortener, you can also view clicks.

MeetEdgar’s social media analytics can also do A/B split testing to compare the performance between publications.

MeetEdgar's posts history

MeetEdgar reports on the number of posts and variations published.

MeetEdgar’s ease of use

MeetEdgar takes you by the hand when setting up a new account. At each stage, information bubbles give detailed information about what is happening behind the scenes.

The tool takes initiatives and makes suggestions to move you through the process, and always makes it possible to go back, or to save tasks for later. These elements create a helpful, excellent user experience when setting up MeetEdgar the first time.

MeetEdgar's information bubble guides the user along

At each step of the onboarding process, an information bubble guides the user along.

MeetEdgar’s pricing

MeetEdgar pricing is $49/month including 25 social media accounts, unlimited library contents and unlimited access to support and educational resources.

A lower price tier at $19/month includes three social media accounts and 10 posts per week, similar to what tools like Buffer or Hootsuite offer for free. MeetEdgar offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

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MeetEdgar’s social media connections include Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram but don’t include YouTube, Google My Business or Pinterest. Even so, it remains great value for money in terms of productivity gains in content publishing.

MeetEdgar’s support

MeetEdgar provides excellent support. The information bubbles within the tool and the intuitive user interface make onboarding familiar and easy. A Help Center with frequently asked questions (FAQ) is available within the tool.

You can attend a daily demo and Q&A session called Edgar office hours, where new users can watch a demo, interact with the presenter, and solve their problems with live support.

MeetEdgar subscribers also have free access to Edgar University, an education series organized with the Teachable platform. Finally, MeetEdgar provides email, Facebook and Twitter support. We received a response within two hours during office hours.

Benefits of MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar’s main benefit is the time it saves you. Its automation features handle many of the tedious tasks required to schedule posts. Maximizing content usage, repurposing, and pre-scheduling are keys to social media content strategy success.

In addition to helping you recycle and repeat content usage, it also helps you optimize your publication schedule and keep track of your social media calendar in one clear overview.

MeetEdgar, the 8-armed office octopus

MeetEdgar’s philosophy is to optimize essential social media scheduling tasks and maximize your existing content by using automation and machine learning. The user interface is intuitive and provides you with a clear overview of your content strategy implementation.

MeetEdgar raises the bar as it takes the initiative and anticipates your needs rather than wait for your instructions — exactly what you’d expect from an eight-armed office assistant.

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