Married At First Sight Australia’s Bronson says three brides are still seeing psychiatrists two years on

MARRIED At First Sight Australia’s Bronson Norrish has revealed that three brides are still seeing psychiatrists two years later and has slammed the show experts.

The Aussie star also has slammed the show for matching him with the “most hated bride ever” Ines Basic.

Ines and Bronson were one of the worst matched couples in MAFS Australia history


Ines and Bronson were one of the worst matched couples in MAFS Australia historyCredit: Nine

The former stripper’s short-lived ‘marriage’ was one of the most volatile relationships on series six of the Aussie show, with Ines showing little interest in him from the off.

Bronson claimed the show had a lasting impact on some of his co-stars, with at least three still seeing psychiatrists.

Speaking to TalkRadio’s Cristo Foufas, millionaire Bronson gave a scathing assessment of the reality programme.

He continued: “I know three of the girls from my season actually went to a mental ward and had to talk to a psychiatrist years after going on the show because it just doesn’t stop. You do your filming and you think that’s it but then the public get behind it.

“I do believe TV shows prey on vulnerable people because they know they can manipulate them to do what they want.”

The couple failed to get along from the beginning


The couple failed to get along from the beginningCredit: Nine

Viewers turned on Ines after her constant digs at her partner followed by her fling with show bad boy Sam Ball.

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The hunk explained that he felt exploited and slammed the experts for their role.

When asked if he had been manipulated, he responded: “I do actually. I do believe the show should be either shut down or highly regulated. I think they call it Married At First Sight, but I don’t know you can really class that as marriage.

“And the experts, I don’t think you can really class them as experts.”

Bronson slammed the show in an interview with TalkRadio


Bronson slammed the show in an interview with TalkRadioCredit: talkRADIO

Ines has previously spoken of the effect the show had on her own mental health, revealing she tried to take her own life during filming.

The 28-year-old star claimed producers cut the moment that Bronson said he was “into open relationships”.

She told the Mail: “I attempted suicide during filming so I got PTSD from it. It really f***ed me up and I had to keep filming and I was like oh my God.”

The star added that her friend died, her dad and mum split up and she came under fire for secretly hooking up with Sam Ball in an ‘affair’ he claims was completely staged.

He claimed it preyed on the vulnerable


He claimed it preyed on the vulnerableCredit: bronson_norrish/Instagram

She went on: “I lost all my body weight. I had to be carried from scene to scene I was so weak.”

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The star went on: “I look so remorseless and like I don’t care. But Bronson was into open relationships… They just didn’t air that part.”

Ines said the vitriol she had received from Brits ever since Married At First Sight’s sixth series started airing was far worse than the backlash the first time round.

The production company and Aussie TV network that aired the show said: “Nine and Endemol Shine take their obligations in respect to the health and wellbeing of the participants of this program extremely seriously.

Ines claimed Bronson was into open relationships


Ines claimed Bronson was into open relationshipsCredit: Channel 9

“All participants have access to the show psychologist during filming, broadcast and  afterwards.

“Nine also provides an additional service for participants should they like or need further individual and confidential psychological support.

“This service gives participants access to psychologists who have been specifically engaged to support those involved in the program in relation to their experiences.

“This confidential service is available to all participants for as long as they need it, it does not end”.

Married At First Sight Australia star Ines stuns in transformation

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