Marcus Invest Review: Is It Right for You?


Like most robo-advisors, Marcus Invest asks clients a series of questions. These include information about their age, goals, and other relevant characteristics. Marcus Invest then assesses its clients’ risk tolerance and goals.

Using this information, the platform allocates capital into an appropriate portfolio of ETFs. Investment portfolios are monitored daily and are automatically rebalanced periodically in order to make sure they continue to be appropriate for each client’s investment objectives.

Minimum investment

Marcus Invest has a $1,000 minimum initial investment requirement. While there are some competitors with much lower (or even no) minimums, this isn’t the highest in the industry either.

Services offered

Marcus Invest offers automated investment portfolios. By asking a series of questions to new clients, the robo-advisor assigns an appropriate risk level, and the client then chooses one of three investment strategies based on their personal preferences — Core, Impact, or Smart Beta.

Unlike some robo-advisors, Marcus Invest doesn’t offer investment or personal financial advice by human advisors. However, through Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management (PFM), the company does offer these services to high-net-worth clients who are interested.

Pricing and fees

Marcus Invest charges an annual advisory fee based on assets under management. Specifically, the fee is 0.35% based on the average daily value of assets in the account, charged at the end of each quarter.

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For example, if the average daily value of your account for one quarter is $10,000, this would translate into a $350 annual fee, and one-fourth of this amount ($87.50) would be deducted at the end of the quarter.

In addition, since Marcus Invest portfolios are ETF-based, the underlying ETFs generally have small annual management fees. However, for any Goldman Sachs ETFs held in the portfolios, Marcus Invest applies a credit against the management fees to offset this.

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