Love Island’s Anna Vakili reveals she’s reversing £100,000 of surgery to get her ‘natural look’ back


LOVE Island’s Anna Vakili has revealed she’s reversing £100,000 of surgery to get her “natural look” back.

The 30-year-old was famous in the villa for her curves and plump pout.

Love Island's Anna Vakili wants to reverse her surgeries


Love Island’s Anna Vakili wants to reverse her surgeriesCredit: Instagram

She even earned the reputation as “the British Kim Kardashian” after nips and tucks to transform her body.

But she has had a change of heart lately and wants to strip her image back.

Anna told The Sun: “I used to get filler in my cheek bones, and I haven’t had that for a while. I used to get my nose filled at the top, and I used to get filler in my chin, but that’s dissolved now.

“I used to have a little bit of filler put into my jaw – so all these things I’ve stopped. My face is going a lot more back to how it naturally looked.”  

She's spent £100k on surgery, fillers and botox


She’s spent £100k on surgery, fillers and botoxCredit: Instagram
The 29-year-old wants a more natural look


The 29-year-old wants a more natural lookCredit: Instagram

But lip filler, says Anna, is one thing she can’t do without though.

She said: “I think for me I’ve gone a lot more towards the natural look, but lip fillers for me are the one thing I can’t resist, because I think it suits my face to have bigger lips, but I won’t go overboard like I used to.

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“Sometimes I look back at old photos and videos and think wow – I was so over the top.

“The other day I went to get fillers in my lips, and when I got there the lady said, ‘Let me put a tiny bit into your nose’, and at first I didn’t want to, and I was bit scared, but she insisted, and I thought you know what – I might as well do it because I’m up for trying new things.

“No-one even notices the difference unless you saw me on a day-to-day basis, and even then it’s so difficult to tell.

The Love Island beauty is changing her image


The Love Island beauty is changing her imageCredit: Instagram

“In terms of fillers overall – I’ve really reduced the amount of filler I get.

“Even when I do my make-up now I try and go for more of a natural look and not too heavy.

“Now even when I get false nails – I get shorter ones. I feel like everything is a trend and everyone is going more towards the natural look now.”

Unfortunately, Anna has spent a fortune on having work done to her in recent years.

Now she’s splashing £12k on a boob reduction and planning to get rid of her veneers.

Anna with her sister Mandi


Anna with her sister MandiCredit: Instagram

But she’s still getting botox done three times a year after being gifted by a company.

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Anna said: “If I could get all the money back that I’ve spent on fillers, hair extensions, my teeth, boobs and everything like that – I would be rich!!!

“I’ve spent hundreds of thousands let’s just say that. I’ve spent about £100,000 in total, and so has my sister.  

I’ve non-porcelain veneers currently, but I’m going to have them removed. I’m going to get the composition ones instead of the porcelain ones as it will be more of a natural look.  

“That’s one of the best things about Love Island,” adds Anna.

“It works in terms of promotion. You promote the place you go to and then they gift it to you.  

Anna wants to scale back on her fillers


Anna wants to scale back on her fillersCredit: Instagram

“I’d rather tell people where I go and what I’ve had done, only because recently I heard about a girl who went and had filler put into her nose and she nearly died, because it went into her blood vessel – the nose is a very dangerous place to get fillers.

“Luckily, someone advised her to go and have them removed because it was blocking her blood vessel. When I heard that, I felt that its important girls go to a trustworthy salon or clinic, because they’re going to do it anyway.”

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Anna found fame in Love Island in 2019.

She worked as a pharmacist before joining the ITV2 reality TV dating show for its sixth series.

Insisting her new “natural” look is here to stay, the reality star added: “I’ve been pumping more money into my skincare and not just pilling it with make-up, and I feel so much better for it.

“I don’t want to go and get surgery – I want to get on that treadmill. I want to do things the healthy way and look after me.”

Anna Vakili reveals why she’s ditching the implants that helped her wow on screen

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