JLo appears to shade ARod as she likes post slamming ‘manipulative’ people who ‘treat you like s**t’ after messy breakup

JENNIFER Lopez appeared to shade Alex Rodriguez as she liked a post slamming “manipulative” people who “treat you like s**t” after their messy breakup.

The Hollywood couple shocked fans when they announce the end of their engagement on Thursday.

Jennifer Lopez shaded Alex Rodriguez by liking a post


Jennifer Lopez shaded Alex Rodriguez by liking a postCredit: Getty
He allegedly cheated on her


He allegedly cheated on herCredit: Getty
She liked this post


She liked this postCredit: Instagram

Jennifer, 51, proved she’s just like everyone else when she goes through a break-up as she liked a post about heartbreak, channeling her anger after the baseball player allegedly cheated on her.

Deux Moi fans first spotted that she had liked a post that read: “Don’t make her think you care when you have never given a f**k about her.”

The post, which was shared by the New York Times best-selling author R.H. Sin, also included: “Don’t let them manipulate you.

“How many times have you been told ‘I love you’ by someone who has continued to treat you like s**t? ⁠

Jennifer and Alex ended their engagement last week


Jennifer and Alex ended their engagement last weekCredit: Instagram / @jlo

The post was shared on the same day that Jennifer and Alex revealed they were going their separate ways after a month of uncertainty.

In a statement to the Today Show, the former couple said: “We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so.

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“We will continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects.

“We wish the best for each other and one another’s children.

“Out of respect for them, the only other comment we have to say is thank you to everyone who has sent kind words and support.”

She had been spotted without her engagement ring


She had been spotted without her engagement ringCredit: Instagram

Before the announcement was made after Jennifer, 51, had been spotted without her engagement ring.

She had posted a series of photos on Instagram, as she took a break from filming in the Dominican Republic, where her bling was visibly missing.

Alongside the images, she wrote: “Keep calm and work on the weekend,” before tagging her movie Shotgun Wedding.

Previously, former baseball player Alex “flew to the Dominican Republic” so that he could “spend some time” with JLo amid his cheating scandal.

Alex tried to save the relationship but JLo was done


Alex tried to save the relationship but JLo was doneCredit: AFP

They are working to save their relationship after rumors that he may have cheated with Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy, an allegation they have both denied.

JLo’s friends revealed ARod is trying to win her back with flowers, calls and even promised to go to therapy.

But a source said the hitmaker still doesn’t trust him, and ARod, 45, is pretending everything is okay between them.

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The insider said: “He is sending flowers, calling, flying to see her, but she feels it doesn’t make any sense to be together after hearing that he was talking to other women and discovering the NDAs he had women sign.

“She loves Alex, but she can’t accept his cheating no matter what. He knows he has messed this up, and their future is crumbling.

“She’s working right now and doesn’t have time to deal with this.”

Sadly, despite not trusting him fully, the last straw when the cheating allegations began to come out.

The cheating was the last straw for JLo


The cheating was the last straw for JLoCredit: Reuters

A source close to the singer told The Sun: “Jennifer feels she just can’t trust Alex and she doesn’t want to be embarrassed anymore.

“These latest cheating rumors are the final straw. Everyone knows she can do better and doesn’t deserve this.”

While Madison, 31, has denied allegations of an affair, her Bravo costar Shep Rose claimed that she previously “bragged” about speaking to the athlete.

Amid all the chaos, it was also reported that ARod and JLo had originally planned to tie the knot in the town of Positano in Italy last summer.

The source told Page Six: “The wedding was planned for the beginning of June in Italy.

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“It was going to be a big multi-day affair, and then they planned another smaller event in the Hamptons in August. Both were canceled.”

The kids are devastated


The kids are devastated

Earlier this month, with rumors of a split in full force, JLo took to TikTok to clear things up, as during a montage of her greatest moments she showed headlines suggesting she’s broken up with ARod and said, “You’re dumb.”

An insider previously told E! News that the pair’s children – four in total – are close, saying: “The idea of untangling it all seems like such a massive undertaking that she doesn’t want to exit the relationship too quickly.”

Following the announcement, sources close to the couple revealed that JLo’s “trust was broken” which caused irreparable damage to their relationship. 

An insider explained to E! News: “Once her trust is broken, there’s no turning around. 

“She feels good about her decision because she knows ARod will still be in her life, just in a different capacity.”

The informant claimed the 51-year-old is “at peace” with her decision as both parties knew the breakup was coming due to “not being happy for awhile now.”  

Meanwhile, Southern Charm’s Madison broke her silence about the high-profile split after being tangled up in cheating rumors earlier this year.

“I wish them the best,” she said in a short and sweet comment to Page Six.

Madison LeCroy wished them nothing but the best


Madison LeCroy wished them nothing but the bestCredit: Instagram / Madison LeCroy
ARod shares heartbreaking video about ex-fiancee JLo just hours before announcing they called off engagement

View more information: https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/2714637/jlo-shades-arod-liked-post-manipulative-people-breakup/

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