Jim Bob Duggar’s preacher pal Kent Hovind arrested for ‘assaulting & body-slamming’ wife as she ‘fears he will kill her’

JIM Bob Duggar’s preacher pal Kent Hovind was arrested for “assaulting and body-slamming” his wife, as she “fears he will kill her.”

In court papers obtained by The Sun, a warrant for third degree assault against his wife Cindi Lincoln was issued for Kent, who is a longtime friend of the Counting On patriarch, on July 19. 

Jim Bob Duggar's friend Kent Hovind was arrested for domestic violence against his wife Cindi Lincoln


Jim Bob Duggar’s friend Kent Hovind was arrested for domestic violence against his wife Cindi LincolnCredit: Kent Hovind/Facebook
Kent allegedly 'body-slammed her'


Kent allegedly ‘body-slammed her’Credit: Kent Hovind/Facebook

Kent, 69, “did with intent to cause physical injury to another person, Cindi Lincoln, by throwing her to the ground,” the warrant claimed. 

A spokesperson for an Alabama jail confirmed the reverend was released on $1,000 bond on July 30. 

He has a court hearing on August 30. 


Cindi, who outlets including Washington Post have named as the victim, filed a protection from abuse order against Kent on July 19, 2021. 

She claimed that in January 2021, her rental property was “stripped/trashed by Kent Hovind’s right-hand man with Kent’s foreknowledge and allowance.”

Cindi, who married Kent in 2018, alleged she was “threatened with a gun concealed in pocket of his right-hand man with foreknowledge and consent of Kent” in January 2021. 

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In October 2020, she claimed her ex “body-slammed her, causing an ER room visit and damage on her chiropractor’s report.”

She continued to write of the famous preacher: “He wants to shut me up. He is dependent upon public opinion for his livelihood.

“Threatening language from his cohorts. Fear he will kill me to shut me up.”

Cindi, 58, is requesting Kent and his cohorts stay away from her and her home, and protect her mother and roommates. 

She is also requesting he pay her medical bills from the 2020 incident in the amount of $2,125. 

Cindi asked Kent surrender all firearms, as he “is a felon and prohibited.”

She continued to claim: “His right-hand man got him one when I left, falsely claiming I was a danger to him.” 

Cindi also wants “pain and suffering compensation” from “public denial and slander.”

She continued to claim: “Kent told all that I lied and that he did not body slam me, defaming my name and psychologically traumatizing me further.” 

The court granted a temporary protection order, as “Defendant represents a credible threat to the physical safety” of Cindi. 

The parties are to appear in court later this month. 


This isn’t the first time Kent has had trouble with the law, as he was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2007 for financial crimes, including tax fraud and structuring bank transactions. 

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When he was released after nine years behind bars, he opened Dinosaur Adventure Land in Florida and Alabama, where he denounces evolution. 

He is referred to as “Dr. Dino” and has a popular YouTube channel with 184,000 subscribers. 

Kent is also friends with Jim Bob, 56. 

They were even photographed together in 2015 when Kent was released from prison. 


Jim Bob is involved in his own legal drama, as his oldest son Josh, 33, was arrested and charged with possessing and receiving child pornography in April. 

The former 19 Kids and Counting star is currently on home confinement until his trial and is living with third party custodians LaCount and Maria Reber, who are longtime friends of Jim Bob and Michelle. 

Josh is residing in a massive mansion in Elkins, Arkansas with the Reber family. 

The Arkansas judge on the case ordered Josh to wear a GPS ankle monitor.

Josh’s wife Anna, who is pregnant with their seventh child, is standing by her husband and has visited him with their children. 

Josh has unlimited access to his children with Anna present.

The family’s reality show Counting On, which Josh has not appeared on, was canceled in light of the scandal.

Kent's wife now has a temporary restraining order against him


Kent’s wife now has a temporary restraining order against himCredit: Kent Hovind/Facebook
Jim Bob and Kent have been photographed together


Jim Bob and Kent have been photographed togetherCredit: Getty
Jim Bob's son Josh is currently facing child pornography charges


Jim Bob’s son Josh is currently facing child pornography chargesCredit: AP
Josh Duggar arrested and jailed by federal agents

View more information: https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/3426970/jim-bob-duggar-friend-kent-hovind-arrested-assault-wife/

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