Itching to Travel? 3 Reasons to Wait Till Fall


Many people spent the better part of the past year stuck at home. Between COVID-related concerns and economic ones, a lot of people were nervous to travel last summer in particular.

But this summer, things are looking up on both the pandemic and economic front. Vaccines are widely available and travel restrictions are largely lifted, which means taking a trip this July or August may be feasible from a logistical standpoint, and even a financial one.

That said, if you haven’t yet finalized your travel arrangements, it could pay to put off your trip until the fall. Here’s why.

1. Fewer crowds

Summer has always been a popular time to travel — the weather is warm and school’s not in session, giving parents more leeway. The problem with summer travel, though, is that popular tourist destinations can be quite jam-packed, making your trip a lot less enjoyable.

This summer in particular is shaping up to be a crowded one at theme parks, national parks, and other high-demand destinations. That’s because a lot of people who put off trips last year are looking to take them now.

If you don’t have children on a school schedule and can travel at any time of the year, then moving your trip to the fall could mean battling fewer crowds. And that, in turn, could make for a more pleasant experience. Plus, if you travel in the fall, you might appreciate the cooler weather, especially if you’re planning to do a lot of hiking or physical activity.

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2. Lower prices

Because there’s such high demand to travel right now, you might get stuck paying extra to take your trip, thereby increasing your chances of winding up in debt. As of late June, hotel rooms were up around 44% compared to prices from one year earlier, according to research firm STR. Air fares, meanwhile, were 24% higher in May than they were a year prior, according to the Consumer Price Index.

If you’re willing to delay your trip a bit, you may find that prices are lower for fall travel because there’s a lot less demand. And in that case, your savings could make it possible to take a follow-up trip sooner.

3. More opportunities to save up

Many people charge vacations on their credit cards and deal with paying them off later. But if you go that route, you’ll rack up interest charges that make your travels more expensive.

If you delay your next vacation a couple of months, you’ll give yourself a chance to save up some extra money for it. And that, in turn, will reduce your chances of landing in debt, all the while buying you more options to upgrade your hotel room or indulge in some pricier excursions.

Summertime travel is already huge this year, but you don’t have to jump on that bandwagon. If you can swing a fall trip, you may find that it works out a whole lot better for a variety of reasons. Besides, depending on your destination, you may find that the fall colors make your trip even more spectacular. And that alone is a good reason to wait.

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