Huge UFO ‘mothership’ spotted hovering near Las Vegas airport with mysterious blinking lights

A HUGE UFO “mothership” with flashing lights was reportedly spotted hovering near Las Vegas airport.

Video footage uploaded to YouTube appears to show an unusual object mysteriously glowing over the Nevada desert as planes were coming in to land.

A series of bright lights were spotted over Las Vegas


A series of bright lights were spotted over Las VegasCredit: YouTube/thirdphaseofmoon

Paranormal researchers were left baffled by the glowing lights.

Michael Roser, of Dark Hour Paranormal, branded the footage “curious” as he pointed out several sets of white lights alongside a bright red flashing light in the center.

He said: “Instinctively when I’m looking at that I think well this must have something to do with the FFA – something licensed.

“Either we’re looking at three independent crafts and possible they extend laterally into the air – or we’re looking at one giant craft where we’re not seeing the outline.”

Paranormal researcher Rich Giordano said: “I don’t know if we’re looking at airplanes coming in for a landing or even taking off. It’s interesting because you have three sets of lights.”

He admitted that he doesn’t know if he’s looking at towers on a mountain or an aircraft.

Giordano said: “It’s really odd, it almost looks as it could be one craft as well and it’s just sitting there – ‘mothership’.

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“This is one of those things where you have to say what makes the most sense – it’s that unusual.

“You can’t line it up. You can’t line up the white lights, the red light with the city lights because you don’t get enough time to see where they’re moving or if they’re moving.

It’s a mystery but it’s Las Vegas where everything goes.”

Rich Giordano

“To me, it looks like they are stationery and that makes it more intriguing. It’s a mystery but it’s Las Vegas where everything goes.”

It’s not the first time that bright lights have been spotted hovering above Sin City.

Several Twitter users spotted lights floating in a straight line in March, The Daily Star reported.

Speculation was rife on social media as some suggested the lights were UFOs while others thought they were military flares.

One person said they saw a “mass behind the lights” and said it looked like one object, not separate aircraft.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed the lights were “flares from the NW military ranges”.

It comes as the Pentagon allegedly has in its possession a video of UFOs moving in a strange pattern that is expected to leave viewers “rattled”. according to an expert.

Lue Elizondo described the footage as “extremely compelling”, “definitive” and “perplexing” – and said it was circulated amongst the US intelligence community.

The video is said to show multiple UFOs which are moving in ways and strange “patterns” that humans do not conventionally understand – with data recorded using US military systems.

Elizondo told Fade to Black: “The video was extremely compelling – one of many – to the point where I remember getting some expertise to look at it.”

He added: “It is definitive and it’s perplexing, every time you think you are like ‘that’s what I am looking at’ – bang, it changes.”

Lawmakers are calling for hearings on the topic of UFOs following the publication of the Pentagon’s report into unidentified aerial phenomena.

More than 140 alleged sightings were examined but intelligence officials could only identify one with confidence – a large deflating balloon.

Congressman Andre Carson told CBS’ Face The Nation earlier this month that he hopes there will be an open session to discuss the findings.

He said: It’s “arrogant to say that there isn’t life out there” as he branded the report “inconclusive”.

The report said the unexplained aerial sightings could be secret aircraft from China or Russia – or a “non-government” terror group.

UFOs are a national security issue in the United States - decades after being ridiculed as a fringe conspiracy


UFOs are a national security issue in the United States – decades after being ridiculed as a fringe conspiracyCredit: Alamy
Some lawmakers are convinced there is life out there


Some lawmakers are convinced there is life out thereCredit: EPA

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