How Will GoodRx Fare Against Competition?


GoodRx Holdings (NASDAQ:GDRX) was founded in 2011 and was the first to provide a comprehensive listing of drug prices at local pharmacies to consumers. Since then, it’s helped millions buy their prescriptions at better costs than they could otherwise. But investors are wondering what’s stopping competition from getting in on this lucrative market. On a Fool Live episode recorded on June 17, Fool contributor Brian Feroldi explains the unique advantages this prescription drug coupon specialist has over others in this space.

Brian Feroldi: Zed says: “My question with GoodRx, what’s the barrier for entry for competitors? When I go online to price, I get a ton of different lower-cost options.”

It depends on what you mean by competitors. I assume that those prices are for the pharmacies themselves. I would say that there’s a couple of things that are keeping GoodRx safe from competition. One would probably be the brand. Remember that Net Promoter Score that I had? Consumers and doctors really like that thing. Two, they already have this mobile app. They have six million monthly active users of their products. They also have relationships already in place with the pharmacy benefit managers, the pharmacies themselves, and the manufacturers.

They are also making the moat wider with their subscription offering and their telehealth solution, as well as other things that are coming out. It’s hard for me to answer question, what’s the barriers to entry? I think there’s barriers to scale and there are other things that are preventing competition from coming in.

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