How to Redeem Capital One Venture Miles


To redeem Capital One Venture Miles, log in to your Capital One account and click “Rewards Miles.” The link is located underneath your miles balance, in the same section as your current balance and available credit. Click “View Rewards.” On the next page, you’ll have the following redemption options:

  • Book a trip
  • Cover your travel purchases
  • Transfer your rewards
  • Shop with rewards
  • Get gift cards
  • Redeem for cash
  • Share your rewards

Here’s more on how each of these options works:

Book a trip

This takes you to Capital One Travel, where you can book a flight, hotel, or rental car and pay using your miles. You get a rate of $0.01 per mile, so a $200 flight would cost you 20,000 miles.

Cover your travel purchases

You can apply your miles as a credit to any travel purchases made within the previous 90 days at a rate of $0.01 per mile.

There are two advantages to using this method instead of booking a trip through Capital One Travel:

  • You can redeem miles for a much greater variety of purchases because Capital One has a broad category of what it considers travel. For example, you could use your miles to pay for a vacation rental, a ride with Uber, or a cruise. With Capital One Travel you’re limited to flights, hotels, and car rentals.
  • You may get a better deal by booking with another travel service. Sometimes Capital One Travel doesn’t have the lowest prices. And if you’re part of a rewards program with a different travel booking site, you can book through that site, earn points in its program, and later use your miles to cover the purchase.
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Transfer your rewards

With this option, you can transfer miles to one of Capital One’s travel partners. Transfer time ranges from just seconds to a few days. With most partners, transfers process either right away or within 48 hours. Here are the partners, the transfer ratios for each, and the number of miles you’d get in each partner’s loyalty program by transferring 1,000 Capital One Venture Miles:

View more information:

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