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HARRY Styles reveals he only took ONE naked photo after stripping off her his new album.

The former One Direction singer, 26, stripped completely nude as he sprawled out of a giant heart in an image for album Fine Line.

 Harry Styles posed naked in the shoot


Harry Styles posed naked in the shootCredit: Ten

The star protected his modesty with a hand, as he crossed his legs, showing off his various tattoos across his toned body.

However, it turns out this is the only naked photo the Adore You hitmaker posed for.

Speaking on Australian show The Sunday Project, he said: “We just took the one! Would you believe it.

“There was just one and that was it. The lone nude.”

 The star stripped off for album artwork


The star stripped off for album artworkCredit: Rex Features

The quirky singer also opened up about his love of dressing in bright colours.

He continued: “Clothes and fashion I have always found kind of fun. And something that you have fun with.

“And it’s been fun getting to play with that during this album.”

Harry recently opened up about his experience getting mugged while on his way back from his friend’s flat in London last month.

 The singer opened up about being mugged on Valentine's Day


The singer opened up about being mugged on Valentine’s DayCredit: Rex Features

He said the drivers thought he was “mad” and refused to let him into their cars — before he sprinted off in a pair of corduroy flares.

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The star told Howard Stern on SiriusXM about the Valentine’s Day incident: “I was walking home from a friend’s house and I see this group of guys with their hoods up and faces covered. I turn my music off and I hear them trying to catch up.

“I cross the street and they cross the street and I think, ‘For f***’s sake, I’m going to get robbed’.

“The guys are like, ‘Can we talk to you for a minute?’ There’s nobody around and my heart’s pounding.

 He had to sprint away from the attackers in flares


He had to sprint away from the attackers in flaresCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“He’s like, ‘Do you smoke weed? Do you want weed?’ I said, ‘No’. He was like, ‘What have you got on you?’ And they gathered around me and I said, ‘I haven’t got anything’. And he’s like, ‘Stop f***ing around’.”

Harry said he then had some quick-thinking to do in the late-night incident in Hampstead, North West London.

He recalled: “I had some cash in my pocket, so I pull it out and he takes it from me. And I had my headphone jack sticking out of my pocket and he’s like, ‘What’s that plugged into?’

“So I pull out my phone and I’m thinking, ‘OK this is annoying but I’ll wipe it and get a new phone’. And then the guy’s like, ‘Unlock your phone,’ and the other one pulls his shirt up and he’s got a knife sticking in his pants, and I was like, ‘S**t.’

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“I said, ‘I’m sorry mate, I can’t unlock my phone’. The guy’s like, ‘You have ten seconds,’ and he starts counting down. I was like, ‘I can’t’.”

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