Five-month-old baby ‘tortured to death’ in crime so sickening cops could barely look at crime scene pics – The US Sun

A FIVE-MONTH-OLD baby has been tortured to death, cops say, in a crime so sickening they could barely look at the crime scene photos.

Gage L. Thibeaux, the 23-year-old boyfriend of the baby’s mother, has been arrested after police responded to a call from a Port Allen motel.

 Gage L. Thibeaux has been arrested over the death of his girlfriend's baby
Gage L. Thibeaux has been arrested over the death of his girlfriend’s babyCredit: West Baton Rouge Police

Prosecutor Tony Clayton said: “Evidence shows that this baby died of cardiac arrest caused by a horrific mode of torture”.

The West Baton Rouge Coroner’s office added that the baby’s body was covered in burns and the little girl was so malnourished she weighed under eight pounds, WAFB reports.

Yancy Guerin from the Coroner’s Office said the infant suffered third-degree burns from 30 to 39 per cent of her body.

The death took place at the Motel 6 on LA Hwy 415 in Port Allen on Friday, according to Maj. Zack Simmers of the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office.

The following day Thibeaux was arrested and taken into the West Baton Rouge Parish Detention Center on second-degree murder, according to booking documents.

“We have officially charged [Thibeaux] with second-degree murder under the element of inflicting cruelty to juveniles,” Clayton said.

“The evidence will show this baby was treated extremely bad. It’s enough that, as a grown man, I just couldn’t look at the baby long.”

“…As a grown man, I just couldn’t look at the baby long.”

Tony Clayton, West Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office

Thibeaux has been identified as the boyfriend of the child’s mother.

The mother, who has not been named, was also arrested and charged with manslaughter for failing to notify law enforcement, officials said.

She and Thibeaux were reportedly living at the Motel 6 at the time of the incident.

The child’s two-year-old sibling has also been taken into protective custody by the Department of Children and Family Services after bite marks were found on her body.

The death is being treated as a homicide.

A police spokesman said investigators will leave “no stone unturned” as they work to determine the cause of death.

In Alabama, a baby died in “horror and pain” on his first birthday after having suffered horrific sexual abuse at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend, prosecutors said.

Hoss Wayne Benham was found to have 89 injuries across his body after being brought unresponsive to a hospital in Cullman, Alabama.

And sadly, a baby boy was also tortured to death by his own mom, police say – after he reportedly pulled a TV off a dresser by mistake.

Little Viston Stevenson was rushed to hospital in Detroit, Illinois, on Thursday suffering a string of harrowing injuries, according to authorities.

 Deputies responded to Motel 6 on LA Hwy 415 in Port Allen
Deputies responded to Motel 6 on LA Hwy 415 in Port Allen
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