Find The Best Cheap Car Insurance With a DUI

One of the fastest ways to lose access to auto insurance is to drink and drive. In addition to risking their own wellbeing, the actions of drunk drivers kill thousands of innocent Americans each year. To compound the issue, insurance companies are wary of providing auto coverage to those who chose to drink and drive. Here, we’ll examine DUI insurance rates, if it’s possible to obtain insurance coverage after a DUI, and companies offering the best car insurance after DUI convictions.

Car insurance rates after DUI or DWI

Depending on the state in which the driver lives and the severity of their offense, their insurance rate could increase by anywhere from 28% to 371%. In Missouri, for example, the average auto insurance rate goes up by just under $800. In North Carolina, DUI car insurance rates can be more than triple what someone without a DUI would pay. So, if someone normally pays $1,500 per year for coverage, their rates could jump to more than $4,500. The term “cheap DUI insurance” is relative. Drivers should expect to pay higher car insurance costs following a DUI. And those costs tend to stick around for several years.

What’s the difference between DUI, DWI, OUI, and OVI

Each of these acronyms refer to driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, and they each lead to higher insurance rates.

  • DUI: Driving under the influence
  • DWI: Driving while intoxicated
  • OUI: Operating under the influence
  • OVI: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated
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Average car insurance cost increase after a DUI

On average, rates shoot up by 94% following a DUI. To see what that means to the average driver, let’s say someone is paying $1,500 per year before their drunk driving conviction. Afterwards, they can expect to pay around $2,910 annually for DUI auto insurance. While it’s less in Missouri and more in North Carolina, 94% represents the national average.

How to find cheap car insurance after a DUI

The best advice for finding cheap car insurance following a DUI is to shop around and collect car insurance quotes. It’s important for drivers to check the rates of many insurers, even those they have never heard of. That’s because every car insurance company treats DUI convictions differently. All insurers charge more for drivers with DUIs than drivers with a clean record, but some charge far more than others.

Looking for the best car insurance companies is the responsibility of every driver, but is particularly important for someone with a DUI charge. There’s simply no way for many people to get around without adequate car insurance coverage. Even if the most the driver can afford is liability insurance, that beats running the legal risk of being uninsured.

When it comes to high-risk auto insurance, it’s not all doom and gloom. Every insurance agency in the country understands the reality of drunk driving, and many do their best to provide cheap DUI insurance. While some admittedly do better than others, it is possible to find cheap auto insurance.

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Cheapest auto insurance after a DUI

Far and away, State Farm is the cheapest option for drivers in most states. We checked all 50 states and Washington D.C., and noted that State Farm offers the best insurance for DUI drivers in 34 states as well as D.C. Among other insurers, only Erie and Geico were named as “cheapest in the state” more than once. Erie Insurance offers the lowest rates in Maryland and Indiana. Geico gives drivers with a DUI the biggest breaks in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Texas.

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Best car insurance companies after a DUI

As mentioned, the insurance provider that stands out from the crowd when it comes to DUI car insurance is State Farm, followed by Erie Insurance and Geico. Farmers and Allstate will each insure drivers with a DUI, but with average increases of 47% and 65%, respectively.

How long does a DUI stay on your driving record?

In most states, a DUI will remain on a driver’s record for three to five years. Here are some exceptions to the rule:

  • California – 10 years
  • Iowa – 12 years
  • Florida – 75 years
  • Alaska – forever

In short, driving while intoxicated is a lose/lose situation. In addition to the risk of a car accident, a DUI offender runs the risk of being dropped by their auto insurance company. Once they lose motor vehicle coverage, a driver must scramble to find the cheapest car insurance available through another insurance carrier. For a driver with a history of driving under the influence, the cost of DUI car insurance may be high enough to keep them off the road.

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