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Top perks

Excellent variety of homeowners discounts

Farmers Insurance offers a broad variety of discounts on homeowners insurance — more than many of its competitors. In addition to common discounts, like claim-free, paperless, and home safety device discounts, homeowners can also take advantage of rarer ways to cut costs. These include savings for those with certain occupations as well as home age, good payer, and smart home discounts. There are also a few state-specific discounts.

Unique ways to reduce your out-of-pocket costs

Farmers offers a declining deductible option. This reduces a homeowner’s insurance deductible for every policy period they don’t file a claim. It also offers a free claims forgiveness option to customers who have been with Farmers for at least five years and have not filed a homeowners insurance claim during that time. Should a homeowner with Claims Forgiveness need to file a claim, Farmers won’t raise their premiums. These features are common with auto insurance, but they’re much rarer with home insurance.

Eco-rebuild coverage

The environmentally conscious will appreciate Farmers’s optional eco-rebuild coverage. This pays up to $25,000 to replace home materials and appliances damaged in a covered claim with eco-friendly alternatives. It’s a rare coverage option, so interested homeowners should give Farmers a closer look.

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What could be improved

Average customer service

Farmers scored just below average in J.D. Power’s most recent U.S. Homeowners Insurance Customer Satisfaction survey. But it scored slightly above the average in its U.S. Property Insurance Claims Satisfaction survey. While many of its competitors fared far worse in these surveys, Farmers’s middling ratings may not impress those who place a high emphasis on customer service.

No way to buy a policy online

It is possible to get a Farmers homeowners insurance quote online. But once a homeowner has chosen the coverage they’re interested in, they must contact the nearest Farmers agent to complete the purchase. This isn’t a bad thing, as a Farmers agent can help homeowners ensure they’re purchasing the right coverage. But the process does take longer.

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